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Sat, Jan. 18

Hotevilla dedicates new building to youth, elderly<br>

The building itself was funded with 75 percent of village funds and investments with the remaining $200,000 funded by a special Public Facilities grant from the AML (Abandoned Mine Lands) Program at the Hopi Tribe. Total cost for this new building was approximately $500,000.

Two additional unique features of this building is that the labor used for the construction was entirely local Hopi labor, with only the heating and cooling systems contracted out to private companies. The other unique feature about the building is that is incorporated the use of a newly created building material called “Storia.”

“Storia” building material was developed to address exactly the type of climate that Hotevilla, which is located on top of a mesa tabletop, experiences. Storia was meant to combat the snowy, wet weather in the winter and the extreme dry heat in the summer while maintaining an even comfortable temperature for its occupants inside.

“This has been the dream for Hotevilla for a very long time,” said Hotevilla’s Community Administrator Kenneth Quanimptewa. “Its something we all have worked very hard for and I am happy there are so many of you with us today to help us enjoy and celebrate this dream that is now a reality. There are so many here to thank today and many that are no longer with us to thank, but we are thinking of them and know they are happy for us too. Like most things, getting this building built had its own barriers, but it was worth the work. I am hoping that all of our community will come and join us in our upcoming activities.”

Hopi Tribal Chairman Wayne Taylor Jr. opened thanking those who invited him to the celebration.

“This building symbolizes not just a place where your youth and elderly can come to be involved in productive programs but it really symbolizes and celebrates a lot of our own people working together,” Chairman Taylor said. “It’s a dream come true, and when we have our own people working together, the young learning from their own elders and remembering that inter-generational learning and respect is the Hopi way. I want to thank and commend the Hotevilla leadership for helping to make this building become a reality.”

Hopi’s own infamous “T-Brothers,” Clark Tenakhongva and Bruce Talawyma, both from Hotevilla, were asked to be the honored emcees for the entire day’s celebration as well as hosting a New Year’s Even rockin’ country bash that started at 9 p.m. that night.

New activity programs for the youth and elderly of Hotevilla are set to start immediately, and more information is available by calling the Hotevilla Village at 928-283-2420.

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