Navajo-Hopi Nations,Flagstaff & Winslow News
Sat, Jan. 18

Hotevilla dedicates new building to youth, elderly<br>

Some of the special projects planned for these youth and elderly will be combination projects focusing on both of these groups. The idea is to promote traditional cross-generational exchange of information, respect and understanding of duties and responsibilities of growing up in a Hopi village setting and what that means to a responsible and contributing village community member.

Hotevilla’s current Board of Directors, Norma Martin, Clark Tenakhongva, Wayland Namingha, Norleen Honyaktewa and Marilyn Honwynewa, were part of the day’s celebration and acknowledgements, but they were not the only ones who received heartfelt thanks that day.

Former employees and former board members, even some that were no longer living, were also acknowledged in helping this new building dream become reality.

Included in these acknowledgements were Percy Lomaquahu, Loren Sekayumptewa, Enos Selestewa, Willis Talayumptewa, John Namingha, Peggy Scott, Patricia Selestewa, Belma Brown, Jerry Honawa, Bruce Koyayumptewa, Norlene Honyaktewa, Clark Tenakhongva and Sally Sockwyma.

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