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Mon, Jan. 27

Urges passage of Fair Tax plan

As April 15 approaches and the airwaves are flooded with ads for tax preparation services, let’s think about why these services are even necessary –our overly complicated federal tax system! The current IRS system is hopelessly complex (60,000 pages and growing each year) and the tax code favors politically connected special interests and the government’s social engineering efforts. The current system is too broken to fix, so let’s start over. Our country thrived before the income tax was established in 1913. It can prosper without the income tax, as well.

The Fair Tax plan, currently under consideration in Congress (HR 25) would give the country a fresh start and an economic growth engine. This plan would abolish the current income tax and replace it with a consumption tax, another name for a federal sales tax. The Fair Tax plan ( taxes individuals only on what they spend, not what they earn. The plan has protections in place to make sure no American is taxed on basic life necessities, making it fair for lower income Americans. The plan also makes it harder for the wealthy to avoid taxes through questionable accounting schemes and tax shelters.

If you want a new, simplified tax system, contact our Senators and your Representative and let them know you support the Fair Tax plan. Let’s make April 15 “just another day!”

Mark Graban

Phoenix AZ

Time to enforce indecency laws

The media in America has a special trust given to them to be fair, complete and informative. They are protected as they report the news. It seems difficult for reporters and editors to remain even handed. Those who support families and the values that strengthen families should have at least a neutral and fair coverage. I watch and read the news from many news sources almost daily.

Which media would take the time to report on the following?

At community colleges for three weeks for hours on their Saturdays; boys between the ages of 13 and 18 years old attended training on topics from Citizenship, handicap awareness, safety, emergency preparedness, etc. They received assignments and completed them on their own during the week. They received college credit for their efforts.

I have a master’s degree and taught a few of these courses. I never saw a news person from any media there.

I have and continue to see accounts of what’s wrong with youth.

Let’s balance this a little more.

Now let us get to the meat of a current and very important topic—people organizing to use the FCC to complain of anti-family messages being presented, it seems, by all forms of media.

There’s been a lot of talk in the press lately about how one activist organization, the Parents Television Council, is trying to dictate television standards for the rest of the country by encouraging its members to file complaints with the FCC. It seems that the press believes that the hundreds of thousands of complaints filed by outraged citizens over the rampant raunch on television somehow don’t count simply because the complainant belongs to an organized group.

If the networks put an FCC complaint form on their websites or if they flashed the FCC’s phone number across the screen between shows, there would be a flood of complaints. is currently the only website that provides this useful tool.

But the number of complaints filed and where they’re coming from shouldn’t matter. Whether we’re talking about one complaint or one million, it all boils down to one issue: Are networks breaking the law by showing indecent content and will the FCC do its job to enforce the indecency laws?

My wife and I and many others get slammed almost nonstop throughout the day and night with stories and commercials that are anti-family. We, like many, are getting to the point where enough is enough. We are familiar with the awful sides of human behavior. We have no desire to look while someone is disrobing, dressing or taking a bath. These are private and personal matters

I was, my kids were, and my grandchildren are impressionable.

One day at a swap meet I saw a pre-teen boy over at a booth that was peddling pornography—XXX. I went to the booth operator and asked him to be responsible and keep minors from his booth. He sneered at me and did nothing.

I went and got a Sheriff’s Deputy and asked him to enforce the laws protecting minors. He refused.

Where are we to go?

Thank you to those who have helped us combine our voices and say enough is enough.

Richard Hardy

Arizona City, Ariz.

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