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Thu, Jan. 23

Time to change our behavior<br>

I have many hopes and dreams for 2005 — basically I am an optimistic person. I am fervently praying that the bigotry I witnessed this year is not a foreshadowing of the future. I am afraid that we as a society have become complacent in our movement of civil rights.  

I find it hard to believe that some people need to be reminded that Americans come in all colors. Some wear turbans, some wear yamikas, some burkas. There are Americans of all faiths. Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, even of no faith, and scientists have proved (and now I will be attacked) that all races spring from the African people.

There are still bigots in this world. Right here in the greatest of all countries, where we have the most advanced and well-trained armies made up of every race and creed dying for those very bigots so that another country may be able to taste democracy.

Ethnic cleansing is something preached by white supremacists and was practiced by Hitler. Racial slurs are used by prejudiced people, who at the same time, talk about how wonderful their president is and how smart the war is and how anyone against the war cannot stand for anything.

Yes, I realize that there are bigots on the “other” side too. I know that there are close-minded individuals in every walk of life. I just have run into more “good ‘ol boys” lately, during the elections — the type that are gung-ho for the war, for America and are anti-”bleeding heart liberals.” They are also the type that are watching “Desperate Housewives,” a show that has no “moral values, while keeping “Saving Private Ryan” off of the airwaves.  

Who thinks it is the right thing to occupy a country for an indefinite period of time when the citizens would like nothing better than for them to leave — and by the way 15 generals, Nobel Peace Prize winners, actors, scientists, teachers, professors and other great Americans are against this war — while other countries have screamed for our help for 10 years. The atrocities (current) in the Darfur region of Sudan continue to go virtually unnoticed by our entire nation as Rwanda did a decade ago.

America better get its head out of the clouds and consider the old adage — remember the past lest you are doomed to repeat it. With the bigotry and prejudices that are going on around us we are retreating 40 years to the back hills of Oklahoma. Too many people lost their lives and marched too far for this to happen.

Our older generations need to have more faith in our children because they are definite rising stars and the cynicism and intolerance must stop.  

Again, how can people be talking about moral values and standing up for principal and then watch Bill O’Reilly for news — a man who has been charged with sexual misconduct? For your prime time viewing watch “Desperate Housewives” whose content is adultery, sex, nudity etc. I was watching a show about a nanny where a mother was removing her 2-year old from the tub. The network chose to blur out this 2-year old’s “boobies” (she doesn’t have breasts, she has boobies) then cut to commercial advertising of the aforementioned sexual show showing two people in bed discussing keeping their adulterous affair a secret. There is something “Desperately” wrong here. Yes, as adults we should be able to watch this but, why the blurring of the boobies. Why are we all mixed up here?

This year let’s work at straightening our own house out. Everyone needs to work on himself or herself. Prejudices and bigotry is not going to work. No sir, the gentleman killed in Phoenix after 9/11 because he had a turban on should not have to take off his turban and put a flag across his chest to show everyone he was American — just as the Japanese should not have been put in internment camps during World War II.

Let’s make 2005 a year to remember in every way. Because you don’t talk about something does not make it go away. It makes you doomed to relive it.

Hate and bigotry are rooted in fear don’t be afraid, the future could be so bright. So when asked what do you stand for make it a speech. Me....I stand for truth.

Happy New Year.

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