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Thu, Jan. 23

Leave our Social Security alone

Most people (at least the ones that are not billionaires) look forward to retiring with assistance from Social Security and Medicare, and many lower-income people rely solely on that source for their old age.

None of us would consider entrusting our income and bank accounts to a money manager with a record of bankruptcies, failed businesses and questionable transactions involved insider trading.

Why then would we even entertain the thought that George Bush, with his personal record of losing the money of his investors in Harken, Arbusto, etc., and selling off stock, just before it crashed, with insider information, would be capable of “restructuring” our retirement funds.

Even though Bush’s friends and business associates lost huge amounts of money in these endeavors, somehow, as a result of his family name and connections, George survived to gain control of even more money. Now he has acquired control of our retirement funds and our futures. We cannot allow this incompetent money manager to frighten us into believing in a non-existent Social Security crisis and then to apply a destructive privatization remedy. Privatization can only result in the impoverishment of retirees, many of whom would have to resort to sleeping in doorways and eating cat food. Bush should leave our Social Security alone!

Walter Maloney

Los Angeles, Calif.

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