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Mon, Sept. 21

County urges Winslow home owners to buy flood insurance<br>

Navajo County flood control officials urge property owners in some areas of Winslow to consider buying flood insurance because a recent study suggests the levee along the Little Colorado River may not provide as much protection as the officials had thought.

The problem is urgent because the National Weather Service is predicting the likelihood of above-normal precipitation for northeastern Arizona during January through March. This could result in large water flows or even flooding in parts of Winslow.

Winslow is particularly flood-prone and is protected by several flood control channels and levees. However, a recent study suggests the levee along the Little Colorado River may not provide 100-year flood protection, as previously thought.

A “100-year flood” is one of the size that can be expected to occur, on average, once every hundred years. However, such a flood may occur at any time and more frequently than average.

If the Little Colorado River levee fails to contain a 100-year flood, flooding is likely in the areas west of the river, north of Interstate 40 and east of North Park Drive; including the Bushman Acres, Ames Acres, Cottonwood Ranch and Santa Fe Estates subdivisions. Flooding is also possible in much of the area south of Interstate 40 and north of Highway 87 between the river on the east side and the Ruby Wash channel on the west side; including the Winslow Plaza and Winslow Plaza #2 subdivisions.

The flood control officials urge all property owners in these areas to consider buying flood insurance, which is usually not included in a standard homeowner’s policy. Owners should contact their insurance agents as soon as possible because flood insurance typically has a 30-day waiting period before it takes effect.

Property owners can contact the Navajo County Flood Control District at 928-524-4100 to determine for certain whether they are in a flood hazard area.

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