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Mon, Feb. 17

Wants Native American leaders to take control<br>

I read your coverage of the Tribal Legislative Day and I am totally disappointed. There is no fight, no challenge. Our leaders are going to the state capitol with a hat in hands and pleading for assistance for this and that.

Mr. Zah is compromising, which is a sign of weakness. Mr. Taylor is pleading, which shows how he is cornered, and Mr. Shirley is apologetic, which means he is not speaking from strength but uncertainty. It is sad.

How would I go about this? I would not go to the state capitol. I would select a place downtown and invite the legislators to come over as guests. But before that, I would invite all the big contributors to come and sit in a room with me. These political contributors such as the Salt River Project, Arizona Public Services and the National Rifle Association would force the legislators to meekly come and join us for a steak and lobster lunch.

I would have a representative of George W. Bush as the speaker and I would make sure J.D. Hayworth is there as well as Senator Joe Lieberman. Another words, the show in town would be the Indian nations, and I would have Miss Indian America, Miss Navajo Nation and all the princesses of the Indian nations there as chaperones. I would have California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger there as a guest to draw a crowd. I might even have Miss America there as well.

Anther words, the Indian leaders of Arizona have the power to present the greatest show in Phoenix, and no legislator would want to miss it.

I mean this is leadership and this is what the Indian people can do in the 21st century. No more crying about needs and problems. We are it and everybody should join the bandwagon.

Apparently, our so-called Indian leaders don’t see this potential. Sad, very sad.

Daniel Peaches

Kayenta, Ariz.

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