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Mon, Jan. 20

Ponders whether Valentine’s Day should be banned<br><br>

Watch out, boys and girls. That sweetest or sickening day, to some people, just passed.

Yes, the day which everyone seems to have a cheesy excuse to give something special to his or her significant other. Can you guess what day that is?

If you guessed Valentine’s Day, then you guessed right, but a question had been brought to several people’s attention, which is; If you had the chance to ban Valentine’s Day would you?

A high school senior at Hopi High School took a survey on high school students to determine if they would ban Valentine’s Day. Sixty percent said that if they had the chance they would ban Valentine’s Day, 20 percent said that they would not, and the other 20 percent were undecided.

Although it is impossible to ban Valentine’s Day because it is a national holiday, it was interesting to find out the students reasons as to why they would ban Valentine’s Day.

Everyone can see those cheesy, red cupid cutouts stuck unceremoniously on the cafeteria windows along with the lopsided hearts.

You may be asking what does this all mean?

Students are left with loads of reasons why to ban this day. For some it had to do with past relationships falling apart, for others if had to do with the day itself. Students asked why would anyone want to prance around giving each other candy, love notes, asking each other out, or falling in love when in the long run, those who are supposedly in “love” will probably break up in two weeks.

Many might think that single students had said they would ban V-Day, but a couple of students who are in relationships said they would ban this day.

One of the main reasons for banning V-Day was that this is a day that love “comes back.” Many agreed that this day is a cheesy excuse or day to buy candy and roses or something for that special person.

Aren’t people supposed to love their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife everyday and not one day out of the year? They are supposed to but today not everyone does.

Those that said that they would not ban this day said they think this is a special time to show love for those that they are with. They also said that it’s cute to express love.

Those that were undecided had no comment.

If Valentine’s Day were to be banned, many would support this. In reality it would never happen, but if you’re for banning this day, or not banning this day, or you’re undecided, remember V-Day is here to stay.

Whatever category you fall into, remember to treat yourself to a big box of chocolate, movies, or what ever makes you happy.

You may or may not have a special someone but it does not mean that you have to live this day in misery knowing that there is “love in the air.”

Be nice to yourself and do something fun, like go shopping, hanging out with friends or making fun of couples and those who don’t have a date on V-Day. Just joking, but if it makes you feel good, then have a ball trashing on couples and singles. I hope you had a great V-Day.

Diane Povatah

Hopi High School

Journalism student

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