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Mon, Jan. 20

<b>9/11 Memorial needs more attention</b><br>

To the Mayor and City Council of Winslow,

Without debate, the events of September 11, 2001, will forever be remembered as perhaps the “single most horrific act of terrorism” in modern history. As you know, the City of Winslow was one of few cities nationwide, fortunate enough to receive two beams recovered from the ashes of the World Trade Center. After receiving the beams from a request to the Federal Office of Emergency Management, the City erected them in a “Remembrance Garden” to memorialize their place in American History. The northwest corner of Route 66 and Transcon Lane was chosen as the location for the Monument.

Recently, my husband and I both personally witnessed an “indigent,” publicly urinating on the west wall of the Monument. Over 3,000 lives were lost in that tragic event of 9/11/2001, and to observe this act of disrespect, was extremely offensive to witness. Objectively, those who lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11 are not deserving of this type of disrespect. Upon further examination and consideration, we both agreed that while the monument itself is a blessing to the City of Winslow, its location is, at best, obscure. Lighting, access, and the total lack of public parking surrounding the Monument are inarguably inadequate, and extremely “uninviting”. On the few occasions when we have actually witnessed tourists visiting the Monument, we’ve observed their cars parked in unsafe locations, creating the potential for vehicular and pedestrian accidents.

As you know, the City of Winslow is in the final stages of a multi-million dollar “Downtown Redevelopment Project”. While this project is not currently completed, preliminary examination of the project demonstrates a beautiful addition to the Historic District of downtown Winslow. The intent of this letter is to encourage and solicit the City to consider relocating the 9/11 Memorial, and to strategically incorporate it within the redevelopment project. Should the monument be relocated downtown, it would better be viewed and enjoyed by both the citizens of Winslow, and our tourists. Conversely, the recent relocation of the Chamber of Commerce’s Totem Pole, adds equal credence to this request, as well as the “theme” that Winslow is wishing to accomplish with its downtown redevelopment project. Winslow’s 9/11 Memorial is deserving of a respectable location, free from disrespect and desecration, and where we, and others, may pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the tragedy of 9/11.

This request has been delivered to City Hall, in the hope that the Mayor and Council will consider this suggestion, and take the appropriate actions to relocate the 9/11 Memorial into the downtown redevelopment project.

Lucinda and Dan Clark


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