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Mon, Feb. 17

Opposes privatization of Social Security

I refuse to follow Karl Rove’s instructions to stop using the term “privatization” of Social Security. Why should we have to follow orders from the White House in order to help them propagandize the country?

Up until now, our administration had quite happily trotted out the word “privatization” —until they discovered from their polls that the public was opposed to the idea. Now we are instructed to rename the destruction of our retirement and disability safety net “personal accounts.”

By changing the terminology in order to present a less threatening image to the people, the Republicans are seeking to destroy a system into which I and my employers have paid all of my working life, and which I was depending on to make my “golden years” bearable.

Changing the name does not change the reality of these personal risk accounts. As the system is presently solvent until at least 2042, I have no desire to gamble my retirement on the stock market . If people wish to take chances on Wall Street, perhaps they should contribute additional funds for that purpose.

No personal risk accounts for me!

Angela Bradshaw

Los Angeles, Calif.

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