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Wed, Aug. 12

Navajo County Sheriffs Report

The following people were booked into the Navajo County Jail recently. These persons are accused of committing criminal activity, but such accusations should raise no inference of guilt.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: Racquel C. Wakefield, 27, probation violation; Ronald Phillips, 43, probation violation; Matthew Ashley, 41, warrant; Michael Chee, 28, probation violation; Shannon Hayes, 27, failure to obey; Leo Yellowhair Dougi, 22, probation violation; Roberto DeLeon, 25, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license; John Emery, 24, probation violation; and Kenneth West, 49, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, conspiracy and a warrant.

Thursday, Dec. 8: Michael Runyon, 36, assault, probation violation and a warrant; Chris Rains, 34, trespassing; Jones Baloo, 39, criminal trespassing; and Ronald E. Page, 37, trespassing.

Friday, Dec. 9: Jarod C. Begay, 23, warrant; Maria V. Granados, 32, driving on a suspended license; Timothy Yazzie, 47, failure to appear and a warrant; Sharon Lynette Trujillo, 29, two counts of probation violation; Eric John Gamble, 51, aggravated DUI and carrying a concealed weapon; Brenda Lee Pettit, 40, shoplifting; Lance Julius Brown, 21, trafficking in stolen property, possession of stolen property, open container violation and two warrants; Jack Wayne Hawkes, 51, aggravated assault; David Giles, 35, DUI, theft and trafficking in stolen property; Dwayne Edward Eyler, 21, driving on a suspended license; Mary Apodaca, 46, assault; Alfred Lara Jr., 35, assault; Robert Safley, 37, warrant; Jerry Martorana, 22, warrant; and Howard D. Brown, 72, failure to pay fine.

Saturday, Dec. 10: Nixon Burton Nicholas, 38, criminal nuisance; Sarah Begay, 65, criminal nuisance; Bryon Curtis, 28, criminal trespassing; Savantis Kinlicheenie, 32, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing; Tina Marie Green, 35, warrant; Randy Mario Avila, 46, disorderly conduct and violation of an order of protection; Gary A. McIntire II, 42, assault and three counts of disorderly conduct; Dianne Ellen Garcia, 47, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of DUI; Cynthia Gale Gallegos, warrant, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a prescription-only drug; Steven Michael Schone, 25, assault and disorderly conduct; Edward McClodgen, 50, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct; and Floria Barton, 28, driving on a suspended license and DUI.

Sunday, Dec. 11: George Brown Clark Jr., 26, aggravated DUI and driving on a suspended license; Dale Newanayumptewa, 34, two warrants; Robert S. Atkinson, 37, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, threatening and intimidating, obstructing a criminal investigation and harassment by intimidation; Joseph Adam Dazen, 19, disorderly conduct and assault; and Michael Wayne Boyd, 31, assault.

Monday, Dec. 12: Dondy Garrido, 34, DUI, and DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or more; Jesse Raymond White, 22, probation violation, failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of prescription-only drugs; Paul Kenny Gardner, 47, failure to register as a sex offender; Stacey Staten, 33, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia; Michael Conelly, 42, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia; Robin Leigh, 48, warrant; Florence Begay, 42, probation violation; Priscilla Carlson, 38, assault; and Michael Fansler, 36, assault and homicide.

Tuesday, Dec. 13: Stephen Parker, 21, warrant; Jason Begay, 26, warrant; Larson Lester, 26, assault/domestic violence and assault; Tyson Lester, 26, two warrants; Dominique Harrison, 30, warrant; Angelina Jake, 27, assault and domestic violence; Marco Santos, 33, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of drug paraphernalia; Ryan Hall, 31, obstructing justice, disorderly conduct/domestic violence, criminal damage/domestic violence, two counts each of theft and failure to appear, and six counts of contempt of court; Michael Tucker, 18, criminal speeding; Frank Higuera, 22, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia; James Stouffer, 40, assault, aggravated assault and disorderly conduct; and Sammy Van Dyke, 45, aggravated DUI.

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