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Mon, Sept. 21

Reasons I find Xmas awesome

Christmas is a awesome holiday because it's the same as Thanksgiving.

All the family relatives that were at Thanksgiving dinner are at the Christmas dinner. So, you get to see all of them again in one year.

The first reason why I love Christmas is because you get to see everyone again that was at Thanksgiving. Plus, whoever wasn't at the dinner the last time is at the Christmas dinner. So, you get to see them and see how well their doing.

The second reason why I love the holiday is because you get to eat a lot again. The food is all the same from Thanksgiving dinner, but the only thing that is different is the pies. On Thanksgiving, you get to eat pumpkin pie and on Christmas you get to eat apple pie, but some people still bring pumpkin pie anyway.

My final reason is that in the morning of Christmas Day you get to open up all the wonderful presents that surrounds your Christmas tree. I just love when they are in boxes and you don't know what you are going to get. It makes me wonder and think if I got all the stuff I wanted this year or if I will get something entirely different.

Finally, when the day is over and everyone has gone home from the dinner, I sit on the couch and wonder who will all show up next year and if it will be the same as this year or entirely different.

These are the reasons why I love Christmas Day so much.

Candace Pocheoma

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

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