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Sat, Sept. 19

Keep reclaimed water off Peaks

Hello, my name is Brittany Lowe. I am a student at Shonto Preparatory School. I am Tachiinii and born for Shawnee. My mother is Felicia Lowe; my grandparents are Frank and Frieda Laughter. I have two sisters, Bridgette and Breanna Lowe. I live in Shonto with my grandparents while my mom is attending school in Prescott,.

I am writing this letter concerning the Snowbowl situation on San Francisco Peaks. I think it is wrong to put reclaimed water on Dook'osliid because it is a sacred mountain. Many spiritual leaders practice on the mountain, and it could interfere with the practices.

I think this way because San Francisco Peaks is a sacred mountain, and it is wrong to put reclaimed water on it because the people who ski on it could get sick.

Also, a lot of traditional people do practices on the mountain. The court is asking for more evidence, but the leaders refuse to give more details about their practices. I think that keeping to religion by not telling and showing the court their practices is the right thing to do.

Thank you for taking time reading this letter. This situation is important to a lot of people. I hope you understand the way I feel. I want the court to realize what they are doing to the sacred Dook'osliid.

The Snowbowl is ruining the lives of both natives and residents of Flagstaff who live around the mountain. They could be getting people sick. I they stop putting reclaimed water on San Francisco Peaks. I wish they could realizes how dangerous and harmful the water could be.

Brittany Lowe

Shonto, Ariz.

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