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Sun, Feb. 23

Asks Nation to protect Antelope Point

The Navajo Nation has endured a long walk and hardships throughout recent history to arrive at the viable point they are at today. The tribal government has labored long and hard hours negotiating contracts and business agreements in favor of the tribe that benefit the Navajo Nation for the long term. The tribe has been careful to guard itself against repeating history in terms of the old treaties. Just when it seems that these investments may pay off financially for the tribe, the Glen Canyon Institute may try to change all that and send the tribe back into the dark ages financially.

With the imminent closing of the mines, which, in the past, have provided and sustained a guaranteed income for the Navajo Nation, the tribal government has been looking at a number of business investments that would provide a long-term return and profit back to the tribe. The monies generated by the mines will disappear in just a few months when they close their doors and leave, and the big question is this: what will the tribe have in place to generate income for the tribe?

Tribal leaders had great foresight when they labored hard on a vision to create a business venture at Antelope Point on Lake Powell.

The new Marina is forecast to generate a generous income for the tribe if and when the waters of Lake Powell hit the boat ramp. Boaters, visitors, and tourists are willing to pay the price to have their boats launched, buy gas, and eat a meal in the lavish, floating restaurant.

There is only one problem. The long-term drought has brought the lake level down and launching has not been possible. Years ago, medicine men predicted the drought, but they also predicted an end to the drought. There is hope.

The winter and early spring has been wet with substantial snows. Once again the medicine men were right. The lake is expected to rise 40 or more feet this year with the spring runoff. With the expected runoff, the tribe’s ramps at Antelope Point Marina will become operational once again and produce an income and profit for the Navajo Nation. Since opening the Antelope Point Marina, this season promises to be the biggest income-producing season for the nation since the Marina was completed.

Antelope Point Marina will prove to be a wise business investment for the tribe and will serve to move the Nation forward towards their dream of becoming a sovereign, wealthy, and self-sustainable nation.

So where does the Glen Canyon Institute come in to the picture? The mission of the Glen Canyon Institute is to free the Colorado River at the expense of bypassing the Glen Canyon Dam or decommissioning the dam at Lake Powell. That means that the Navajo Nation will be left high and dry holding a worthless Marina at Antelope Point on dry Lake Powell. The water will be drained from around the marina along with the water in the lake leaving the marina perched high on a cliff. The launching ramps will never reach the water. The lavish floating restaurant will never see the boaters, visitors and tourists with money to spend.

Please, don’t allow the Glen Canyon Institute to pull the plug on the tribe. Let your tribal councilmen know that you are concerned about the dream of the great Navajo Nation to become a sovereign, wealthy, and self-sustainable nation. Urge your President and your council to guard the Nation against this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t let your guard down when these people come to visit you, they surely will, with promises of things that will be better when the lake is drained and the river runs free. They will say whatever is necessary they need to in order to win you over. You will be victimized once again. Guard yourself against the falsehoods they will say to you. Remember the old treaties and the lies?

History has a way of repeating itself. The Glen Canyon Institute will rape the tribe of the tribe’s financial investment at Antelope Point on Lake Powell by pulling the plug and draining away the lake and the money that the tribe is counting on to help sustain itself. Please remember that the financial security of the Navajo Nation of the future is at stake.

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