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Fri, Dec. 13

Remembering a wonderful father

I’m writing this is in loving memory of Clark Coxie Holmes, my grandson in-law. Clark left us on April 8, 2004, a short year ago. Clark was a fine young man with a lot of ambition.

He had dreams of accomplishing many things in this life, but he was cheated out of this dream through an automobile accident that took his life

Clark left behind his son, Elijah B. Holmes, his wife, Merlinda Adson Holmes, his mother, Sylvia Holmes, his brothers, a sister, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, and many extended family members. All members of his family dearly missed him. Elijah misses his father, and he realizes that he is left without a father. There will never be another father to replace Clark in Elijah’s life.

Clark was the kind of person who would get down to his child’s level and play with him. The two when together would laugh and play video games. Clark was a very caring and a helpful person. He was always ready to jump up when his help was needed. We lost a great and exceptional person. No other man will ever fill his shoes in this lifetime.

Clark, although gone, is still with us. We hear his voices and feel his presence among our family members. His spirit lingers in our midst, which gives us comfort. He is looking out for his son, his mother, his wife, his siblings, nieces, nephews and all extended family members.

We see Clark through his son, Elijah. His son clowns around just like he used to. He also dances around and moves like his dad. We just watch him in amazement. When Elijah looks at us we see Clark’s eyes looking at us. Elijah also laughs like his father. He is the exact replica of his father. Clark is still with us in form of his son, Elijah.

In conclusion, we the family members like to say, “Clark we love you and miss you. You have touched our lives and have left us with many wonderful memories. Your smiles, your laughter, your love, and your kinship spirit will forever be in our hearts.

“You are now in the presence of the almighty God in heaven. You are no longer hurting, but blessed. You are free from all the weight of the world that used to weigh you down. You are safely home with all the heavenly beings.”

Mary Sampson

Tuba City, Ariz.

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