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Wed, Jan. 27

To all students, educators, parents & Navajo people

November 14-20 of this year marks the American Education Week throughout the country. In commemorating this event, the Education Committee of the Navajo Nation Council honors and extends appreciation to each educator and parent throughout the reservation.

It takes a special person to choose to do work that directly impacts the life of a child. As a former school administrator, I know about the extraordinary work that teachers and all school personnel perform each day by working long, tedious hours to provide safe and quality care to students. Your sincere work to awaken and influence the dreams, imagination and intellect of a student is invaluable and recognized. As educators, you are the true leaders and heroes to our children.

I also want to honor parents whose teachings never cease. You make decisions each day about providing firm guidelines and values so that our little ones will lead good productive lives. I know that this is not an easy job. As parents, we are also role models and heroes to our children. We do not need to have an education degree to be actively involved in our children’s education. I thank each mother and father who takes the time each day to read to a child or help with homework

The Navajo Nation, like other Indian tribes and the states, is faced with many educational challenges. We are confronted with federal laws that question the academic performance of our schools. This is now the time for us to be even more determined to show that our children have the potential to excel. This is the time for us to prove that our children can excel when schools allow for teaching of the Diné language and the development of curriculum that embraces our traditional teachings. I also wish to take this opportunity to invite everyone to take an active role in helping the Education Committee refine the education laws of the Navajo Nation.

Again, thank you for your work.

Leonard Chee, Chairman

Education Committee

The Navajo Nation Council

TC Primary’s Red Ribbon Week a success

Red Ribbon Week (drug awareness week) was Oct. 25-29 and Tuba City Primary School celebrated in flying colors!

The schoolwide prevention theme this year was “Living Healthy and Drug-free.” Each day had a theme and activities such as “Walk In Beauty in Drug-free Moccasins” on Monday. We kicked off the week with an assembly and parade on the playground with individual classes presenting healthy and anti-drug chants such as “Beat Out Drugs.”

Writing and Poster contests were held schoolwide with winners awarded in each grade. A drawing was also held to give prizes to students who actively participated by dressing up and wearing red ribbons. Please come in and see the display of posters and writing in the main hallways. We also encourage you to talk with your children about making healthy choices and staying away from dangerous substances.

A very special thank you goes out to the many people from our school district and community for the support that made this week memorable for all of us: Lucy Hatathli-Nez from Tuba City High School with the National Honor Society students (puppet show) and TCHS Senior athletes (pep assembly); Dr. Thomas Drouhard from Public Health Service (in-service on methamphetamine use); Gary Davis and Evelyn Cleary from Tuba City Behavioral Health (educational presentations about drugs and alcohol); Dennis Bedonie from Tuba City Junior High (donation of red ribbons, buttons and more). We also appreciate the support from Sgt. Curley at Tuba City Police Department for the DARE presentations scheduled for Nov. 9, and we look forward to bringing in Shannon Tracy of the PHS Health Promotions program for presentations on nutrition/healthy living.

Finally, a very sincere thank you to all of the parents, teachers and Primary School staff that made this week an educational and memorable experience for our children!

Tuba City Primary School Staff

Tuba City, Ariz.

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