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Wed, Oct. 21

Winslow at the polls<br>

The majority of voters across the state and across the nation chose Republicans over Democrats and third parties in the Nov. 2 election.

In the predominately Democratic city of Winslow, voters disagreed with their fellow Arizonians and Americans on their choice for president. However, Republicans John McCain and Rick Renzi were returned to their congressional seats by Winslow residents.

All results are provided by the Navajo County Elections Office and are unofficial as of Monday. The county had until Tuesday to verify the results, which was after the Winslow Mail went to press.

There are 4,769 registered voters in Winslow according to the county Elections Office. There were 2,522 ballots cast, which represents 53 percent of registered voters. In Navajo County, there were 54,273 registered voters and 31,184 ballots cast for 57.5 percent.

Arizona ballot measures 101 (initiative and referendum measures), 103 (judicial department), 105 (education) and 200 (immigration) passed. Propositions 100 (state lands), 102 (public debt, revenue and taxation), 104 (initiative petitions) and 300 (state congressional salaries) failed. Winslow voters agreed with other Arizona voters on every measure except Proposition 200, which now requires people to show valid residency to use government services.

Nationally, President George Bush was reelected with 286 electoral votes to Sen. John Kerry’s 252. Bush received 59,651,290 (51percent) votes in the popular count, Kerry received 56,158,908 (48 percent) and Ralph Nader received 404,285 (0 percent).

Those figures are provided by the Associated Press.

For a list of other state races, go to the Arizona Secretary of State on the Web or call 1- (602) 542-4285. For more information about Navajo County results, contact Navajo County Election Coordinator Kelly Dastrup at 1-928-524-4062 or at on the Web.

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