<b>To the Editor:</b>

As your Justice of the Peace I would like to explain Proposition 103.

There is no requirement that a justice of the peace be an attorney. The Arizona Supreme Court two years ago made an interpretation of the Constitution of Arizona, which eliminated the majority of temporary justices of the peace (pro tems) in Arizona and mandated that all pro tems be attorneys. These temporary justices were removed after completing the training required by the Arizona Supreme Court. This has crippled the justice courts in the rural areas where most private attorneys have busy practices and are not interested in part time work; not to mention the added expense for mileage, lodging and meals.

I support Proposition 103 as it will require justices of the peace pro tems to have the same minimum qualifications as a full-time elected justice of the peace, i.e. NON attorneys. A “YES” vote on Proposition 103 will improve the service of justice courts in Arizona and keep the justice court “The People’s Court.”

Please vote on Tuesday November 2, 2004.


Alison Kolomitz


To the Editor:

The Officers and Executive Committee of the Arizona Judges Association urge a YES vote on Prop. 300 Legislative Pay Increase. Legislators have enormous responsibilities as one of three co-equal branches of State Government. They work long hours and deal with major issues of importance to all of us including the annual state budget ($7.4 billion in fiscal year 2004-2005). A pay increase will enlarge the number of Arizonans able to serve as well as enable many who now serve to continue in these important positions. The non-partisan Commission on Salaries unanimously recommended the proposed increase and it is much deserved by the legislators.

Judge Robert A. Budoff

Superior Court of Maricopa County

To the Editor:

This is a letter about “old sayings.” Let’s begin with the old saying of “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Jake Flake has practiced this for the past eight years that he has been our State Representative.

He cut taxes during his terms, but you say what is wrong with that? Nothing, if you also cut the size of government as well.

He played the old game of reelect me politics. You can’t keep paying the same amount bills with less money, unless you “Rob Peter to pay Paul” and eventually Peter will be broke too. The deficit in 2002 was one of the worst since Arizona became a state.

Now for the old saying of “You reap what you sow.” Jake Flake has accused his opponent, Cameron Udall, of “dirty politics” because she has asked the questions. Why don’t you want to fund all day kindergarten? Why did you vote to cut the Economic Development Budget for Rural Arizona? Why did you refuse to fund and support the tourism budget? Why did you spend $400,000 on new furniture for the House of Representatives? Why did you support Legislation that will bankrupt rural Arizona businesses, when as Speaker of the House, you had the power to kill bad legislation?

These are all true statements; the result of Cameron Udall’s search of Jake Flake’s voting record.

Now for the old saying of “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Well after many years of self serving decisions, such as the Alternative Fuel Bill, along comes someone who is honestly concerned about Arizona, and Mr. Flake is unwilling to work with her (Governor Napolitano), because she is the wrong color of horse. Not only would he not try to “right the wrong,” but punished others of his party who saw “the wisdom of her ways,” by taking away their chairman positions on their assigned committees.

If you are like me, a life-long resident of rural Arizona, you are probably wondering why nothing changes or gets any easier, or why good jobs are so hard to find in rural Arizona. Why do we keep working harder and harder only to find ourselves further and further behind? There are many factors that contribute to the problems we face living in rural Arizona, many that we have no control over, but “poor leadership” is the thing we can control.

Now the old saying of “When you find a good horse, ride it.” That good horse is in the form of an intelligent woman from St. Johns named Cameron Udall. She understands that funding all day kindergarten will help our children get a better start, that funding and supporting Economic Development will bring new and better paying jobs to rural Arizona. That supporting and funding the Arizona Tourism Department will help our rural economies, where many of our communities depend on tourism for over 60-percent of their livelihood.

The old saying of “No one likes change,” or “There is nothing to fear except fear itself,” have kept many of us voting for these same old politicians instead of getting on that “good horse” and taking a gentler, kinder and safer ride. Well this “Old Gray Mare” is going to “take the plunge” and vote for new leadership for legislative district 5, and I encourage all of you in the district to come along. Let’s take control of the part we can control, and let the Lord control the rest and I know that things will begin to “change for the good” in rural Arizona.

Claudia Maestas


To the Editor:

Three days after 9/11 George Bush stood at ground zero with his arm around a firefighter and spoke into a bullhorn. He told the crowd he wouldn’t let them down, declaring “The people who knocked these buildings down will hear from us soon!”

Almost four years later the killer of 3,000 Americans hasn’t heard a peep from the president who repeatedly said he didn’t care where Osama bin Laden was. He was distracted by a personal obsession to invade Iraq. How does a 6-foot 6-inch man on a dialysis machine walking in sandals elude the world’s most powerful military?

When we hire Afghan warlords to capture him it’s easy. Tommy Franks can put lipstick on this pig all he wants. The truth hurts! Bush lied. As Commander in Chief, John Kerry will crush the world’s most lethal terrorists. The US will much safer under a President Kerry.

Paul Dillon


To the Editor:

In a recent television ad, Congressman Rick Renzi attacks opponent Paul Babbitt, who has publicized that Renzi lives in Virginia. A large line in the ad reads, “(Rick Renzi) lives in rural Arizona.”

This statement is wholly untrue, and voters deserve to know the facts.

Rick Renzi and his family have lived at 9700 Burke View Court in Burke, Virginia, for 18 years. Mrs. Renzi is registered to vote in Virginia (she voted there in 2002), and 10 of his 12 children attend school there.

When Rick Renzi purchased a small home on Rein Tree Road In Flagstaff in 2001, he registered to vote in Arizona, thereby informing the state he was going to live here (even part-time residency would be O.K.). According to neighbors, Renzi himself has never lived in the house; it has always been inhabited by a number of relatively young people.

Paul Babbitt, on the other hand, is a true Northern Arizona resident. He has been a prominent force in local government as a county supervisor and mayor. He was a businessman and rancher and is a military veteran. His down-home, genuine concern for the citizens of this district is a refreshing contrast to Rick Renzi’s well-oiled rhetoric.

Sue Williams



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