Navajo-Hopi Nations,Flagstaff & Winslow News
Sun, Oct. 17

Spring has sprung, bringing warm temps

Feeling spring fever? It could be the higher than normal temperatures allowing the grass and trees to get an early start this year.

However, be wary before you plant those pansies out in your front yard. A hefty spring frost could be lurking around the corner said meteorologist Lee Born.

“The current temperatures we are having are about 15 to 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. Chances are they will drop and we could wake up with snow covering the ground,” said Born.

“The warm weather is nice, but a longer winter really would have benefited Winslow. The current rain measure from Sept. 1, 2003 is currently at 1.87 inches. The normal precipitation level for this time of year is 4.3 inches. Winslow is short 2.49 inches. “Last year at this time, Winslow was at 3.69 inches,” said Born.

What will this early spring heatwave mean for the summer months? Born said at this time nothing. “This year will be completely different from past summers because the Pacific Ocean temperatures are at normal levels, which means there will be no El Niño or La Niña affecting weather patterns this year. So far the heat wave is continuing. What the summer months will bring, nobody knows.”

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