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Fri, Sept. 18

Paying more at the gas pump

You might have noticed gas prices her in Winslow are a little steep, lately. Before you blame the Winslow gas stations, know that we are not alone.

Gas gouging is happening all over the state and according to Attorney General Terry Goddard it’s happening for no good reason.

So why, are we paying more at the pump? J&M Texaco gas station owner, Joel McHood said he doesn’t understand why the cost of gas has gone up. “Normally when gas prices rise there is some explanation. In this case there is none, to me it’s a political issue,” said McHood.

“I get really frustrated on a daily basis over gas prices because they’re constantly changing from day to day,” said McHood.

McHood said he tries to find the best gas at the best price to truck into his gas station. “When I pay more for gas, the consumers pay more. It’s a no win situation for everyone,” said McHood.

Goddard hopes to have the legislator push price-gouging laws to protect consumers from unscrupulous supplies. He added, “The legislative gives the state the tools it needs to guard against price gouging. Not only on gasoline, but on other essential supplies ranging from drinking water to lumber.”

After last summer’s gasoline shortage, an Essential task Force was developed by Governor Janet Napalatano and for the last six months they have been working on how Arizona should best avoid shortages of essential supplies.

Unfortunately, Arizona won’t be seeing any new laws passed overnight. It will take some time, and most likely Arizona citizens won’t see any action this year.

Goddard vowed, “We have more work to do and we are not giving up because Arizona needs this measure.”

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