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Thu, June 04

Why isn’t the media clamoring for justice?

The iron grip of the White House on our media is an affront to democracy.

In an attempt to quell the uproar caused by their “outing” of Joseph Wilson’s CIA wife, in retaliation for Wilson exposing Bush’s lie that Iraq purchased uranium, the media is now running with the non-story that Wilson’s wife recommended him for the job.

What a crock. What does this have to do with the felony committed by persons in the White House in exposing a CIA operative? Even if Valerie Plame had recommended her husband for the job, which she did not, this would not justify the actions of the White House in exposing a CIA agent who was working on tracking the purchase of weapons of mass destruction by other nations and risking or causing the deaths of her contacts and destruction of her network.

The media should be clamoring for justice to be done and for the White House to reveal the identities of those who committed the dastardly deed! Instead, they are acting as an accomplice to the misdeeds of our manipulative, corrupt administration.

Jim Stillwell

Los Angeles, Calif.

Arizona’s Lori Piestewa Native Games a success

The Lori Piestewa National Native American Games drew 1,262 athletes from eight states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Utah and Wisconsin), 18 tribes, 43 cities, ranging in age from 7 to 74. Brandon, the son of Lori Piestewa, lit the torch at the opening ceremonies.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you taking part in making this years competition a huge success. The field of 43 basketball teams, 28 softball teams, 16 volleyball teams and 50 track athletes were true to the omnipotent desire to play in all of us.

Congratulations one and all!

“Together we have the power to make it happen.”

God Bless America

Erik Widmark

Executive Director

Lori Piestewa National

Native American Games

Phoenix, Ariz.

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