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Fri, Sept. 18

Winslow Little League All-Stars in full swing

Boys All Stars to play at home

The 11-year-old boys play in Winslow in a round robin tournament that began July 1. The tournament hosted eight teams from area I and area II. They played Mt. Elden on the 1st, Page on the 2nd and Snowflake on the 5th. Yesterday, Winslow played Continental and faces Taylor today at 1. They will finish up the tournament at 7 o’clock against Flagstaff tomorrow and Pinetop/Lakeside at 4 p.m. on the 9th. The team with the best record will go on to state.

Team members are Renesto Baca, Craig Boyd, Taylor Corum, Sedale Flanagan, Shawn Hayes, Tylor Morris, Mark Oliva, Tommy Perez, Dakota Prine, Marcelo Vargas, Payden Zufelt. Manuel Perez, with Richard Baca coaches the team as assistant coach. Alternates are Nicolas Franklin and Rhett Hardy.

Winslow’s All Stars face busy tournament schedules

The 9/10 year-old boys played in Mt. Elden on May 30, playing Tuba City at 4 p.m. It is a double elimination tournament, hosting eight teams. Tournament dates were May 3, July 1, 2, 5 and 6, with the finals playing in Show Low tonight. The two teams with the best record will go to the finals. Team members are Charles Anderson, Richard Avelar, Brandon Barbone, Steven Beecroft, Nick Brown, Chris Garrett, Chad LaPointe, Tarryl Lowry, Chance Rush, Matthew Smith and Jude Oso. Richard Smith coaches the team, with Richard Avelar and Pino Orozco serving as assistant coaches. Alternates are Aaron Hernandes and Aaron Martin.

The 9/10 year-old girls began play in Taylor in a round robin tournament that started on the 1st and 2nd. Games continued on the 5th and will continue through the 9th, with games starting either at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. The team with the best record will go on to State. Team members are Tatum Charley, Alyssa Curley, Tessa Curley, Haley Hancock, Arianna Huerta, Jody Panana, Lauren Parker, Rebecca Perez, Kelly Pugh, Robina Villanueva, Kayla Weishan and Aime Wong. Coaches are Valerie Huerta, assisted by Wilma and Paul Anaya. Alternate players are J.C. Cochran, Carly Gilbert and Tammy Ramsey.

The 11/12 year old boys began a double elimination tournament in Page that started June 30, where they played Tuba City. The tournament also played on the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th of July. One team with one loss and one team with no losses will play the same two teams out of area II in the finals at Page today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. The winner will go to state. The team consists of Wendell Carter Jr., Frank Cuellar IV, Jevon Estelle, Tommy Gomez, Ty Hancock, Anthony Huerta, Gabriel Nelson, Sean Pugh, Aaron Richards, Levi Smith and Johnny Stewart. The head coach is Jeff Hancock, assisted by Manuel Huerta and Wendal Carter. The alternates are Jonathan Ortiz and Kyle Newnam.

The 13/14 year-old girls also began play in Taylor on the 5th in a round robin tournament featuring seven teams. Three games were scheduled for each day up until the 9th, and will play at the fields by the rodeo grounds. The team with the best record will go to state. The team consists of Madison Bolton, Charlee Favro, Gypsi Gover, Mariah Guzman, Gabby Hayes, Amanda Henrie, Jessie Jacobs, Megan Mitchell, Mary Catherine Ricks, Chanel Renfro, Christina Rogers, and Michelle Thomas. Wilma and Paul Anaya will serve as head coaches. Jordan Newman, Ashley Anaya and Alexis Denton will serve as alternates.

The 13/14 year-old boys began play in Payson at the high school fields against Continental and Mt. Elden. This is a round robin tournament featuring five teams. Play began on July 1 and will continue every day up until Friday. The games start at 7 p.m. each evening. The winner will play the winner of area II in Pinetop, and will play the best of three games on the 9th, 10th and 11th if necessary, and the winner will go to state. The team consists of Jonathan Beecroft, Jordan Echoles, John Gonzales, Raymond Grabowski, Roman Guzman, Casey Hancock, P.J. Jaquez, Victor Martinez, Kirk Ramsey, Chris Reyes, Mathew Smith and Darius Thomas. Kevin Ramsey coaches the team, with assistant coaches Bob Caraway and Ray Grabowski. The alternate is Dylan Baker.

The 15/16 year old Senior All Star Girls team began play in Taylor on the 5th, and played best two out of three games. The last game will be tonight at 8 at the fields by the rodeo grounds. The girls are Micki Begay, Quintina Begay, Briana Conatser, Kayla Draper, Jennifer Estudillo, Alicia Flores, Alex Magana, Shaeleen Miller, Devin Parsons, Dayna Penrod, Melissa Robertson and Kaylee Salazar. The head coach is Roger Conatser. Alternates are Jessie Gose and Elizabeth McWaters.

Finally, the 15/16 year-old boys faced Continental at Sinagua High School. The winner will go to state. The boys are Mark Armao, Daniel Bailon, Steffen Bailon, Jonah Budka, Noe Cisneros, Myron Martin, Anthony Martinez, Joe Monsegur, Matt Oso, Steven Soehner and Josh Stago. The head coach is Chris Gonzales, assisted by Phillip Moncayo and Danny Bailon. Alternates Vincent Dixon and Justin Powell.

All Stars Girls play in Winslow

The 11/12 year-old girls have been playing in Winslow starting the first, when they faced Round Valley. The teamA played Holbrook on the 2nd, Snowflake on the 5th and White Mountain yesterday. The girls will play Taylor today at 1, and will finish up the tournament by playing Pinetop/Lakeside at 1 tomorrow. The final game is against Show Low on Friday at 7 p.m. The girls are Ivorie Cochran, Morgan Desaulniers, Shelby Fish, Bernice Gover, Melissa Jacobs, Alex Lomeli, Stephanie Mileham, Felicia Nagle, Kylie Parsons, Jaci Penrod, Jennifer Yazzie and Ayla Ybarra. The head coach is Quinten Hayes with Johnny Cochran and Toni Lomeli assisting.

11 year-old girls to go to state

The 11 year-old girls won their district tournament, as this is the only 11 year-old team in the district. The girls will start at the state tournament on July 14 in Phoenix. The team includes Melanie Anaya, Marissa Chacon, Vanessa Clinton, Sabrina Delavera, Ciara Enriquez, Amber Gonzales, Felicia Gonzales, Brianna Macedo, Jessica Pipkins, Estrella Salazar, Mallory Smith, and Gabby Stacey. The Head Coach is Alex Magana, assisted by Frank Stacey and Avery Smith. Ashley D’Angelo is the alternate player.

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