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Tue, July 07

Reunion with older brother

I am looking forward to Christmas because my family and I are going on a family trip to North Carolina.

My brother has been in the Marine Corps for about four years. He left for the Marine Corps when he was about 17 years old. When he finished high school, he told my parents that he signed up with the Marine Corps. To this day, both my mother and father are really proud of him and they both miss him very much.

When my little brother and I were small, we used to fight in the snow when it was winter and I really miss him too. This is why I am looking forward to Christmas so I can see my brother that has been away from my little brother and I for a long time.

Now that my brother has been away from us it is a little different because there is no one to look after us when we get into trouble. My little brother is also looking forward to Christmas too because he is going to Texas to see his cousin and his family there for a whole two weeks.

I think my family is going to love this coming Christmas because we are going to see the oldest boy in the family.

Leandra Sage

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

Xmas a day of mixed emotions

I like and dislike Christmas because it is a day of mixed emotions.

I feel like nothing could mess up a day surrounded by values such as love, hope and faith. Though when I think of the millions of unfortunate people who don’t at least have their families with them, it brings my happiness down. The Christmas holiday brings memories of the past... such as loved ones that have passed on.

Christmas is a very special holiday for my family because it is when we all get together and have a feast. Then we exchange gifts and we are thankful.

The most important gift is family because without my family I don’t know where I’d be. My family gives me things that money can’t buy and I am truly thankful because I know I have something special that no one can find on a shelf in any store.

The greatest thing about Christmas is the true meaning, the birth of Christ. It is this day that we rejoice in, the birth of our Savior who died for our sins, so that we will be forgiven by our Merciful Lord. I am glad that I have the right to choose whatever religion I wish to practice.

Overall, I love Christmas but dislike it when thinking of other people who may not find the brightness and wonder of Christmas.

Thomasina Russell

Bruin Times Columnist

Hopi High School

A time for many Hopi ceremonies

On my Christmas break I will be staying home and attending many important activities that will be going on. The reason why I’m going to be at home is because there are a lot of ceremonies that go on during the month of December.

I also will be spending the break with my little boy who is going to spend the whole break with me. Together, we will be having a lot of fun doing different stuff like making some ornaments for my mother.

I would say that on the break I will get bored, but I will at least find something to do. But, who knows what will happen during my break? There are many things that I can do, such as teach my little niece to sing some songs so that maybe we can go out and carol to some houses.

During the ceremonies, I will be busy for about three to four days after the ceremonial happens. Then the guys and men go hunting for rabbits. So, at that time that is when you get busy.

So this is what I’ll be doing on my Christmas break, which will keep me busy.

Alverna Kinale

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

Christmas lightens up everyone’s hearts

I like Christmas because it’s fun to open up presents and have the family home for Christmas. I also like Christmas when it snows.

During Christmas, it’s only fun when my whole family comes home and when it snows a lot. When it snows it’s fun because we all go out and play in the snow and make snowmen. I also like Christmas when there are a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree for everyone.

Christmas time is very exciting for everyone because everyone gets presents from other people. It’s also exciting to open your presents in front of your family to share what you got for Christmas. I think that Christmas lightens up everyone’s little hearts because you get gifts from other people and it’s also nice to share with the family.

On Christmas day, we open our gifts at nighttime after dinner. We have a big Christmas dinner and then after that we open up our gifts.

That is why I like Christmas. I think that Christmas is fun and exciting for my family and me.

Kimberly Huma

Bruin Times Columnist

Hopi High School

A time to be with family and friends

I am looking forward to Christmas because it is fun to get presents and spend time with family and friends.

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated at the end of the year. It’s special because the Bible says that Christmas was when Jesus was born. So when we celebrate we celebrate a very special person on that day.

Also, Christmas is about giving like when you were little you went to the mall and Santa asked you what you wanted. You tried to stay up for Santa. But giving is about remembering the people who can’t celebrate Christmas. So we donate things to support these families and individuals.

I like Christmas because we get to open presents and get new things for the New Year. We also get to celebrate a whole new year and you have resolutions that you will promise to keep through the whole year. New Years is fun when you let off fireworks and are happy that you went through a year healthy and safe.

But Christmas is getting together with family or anyone and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Also, we get presents and support families that can’t celebrate the holiday. Finally I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of the year and coming to a whole new year with resolutions.

Rachelle Myron

Bruin Times Columnist

Hopi High School

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