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Thu, Oct. 29

High praise for Tuba City District’s Dr. Hector Tahu

I would like to thank the man from the Islands who has demonstrated how to love and care for a community here in Tuba City. It is because of his efforts that many positive events, progress and development has been initiated and completed at Tuba City Unified School District #15 and the greater Tuba City area.

The Superintendent of Schools Dr. Hector Tahu came to us from Hawaii. Tahu knows the importance of language and culture. He speaks, sings and lives Hawaiian and Navajo.

The establishment of School Improvement Teams and invigorating principals with the charge of curriculum alignment, standards alignment and developing student achievement instruments were only the beginning. These sound like student centered goals and objectives to me.

I want to thank Dr. Tahu for these efforts. They let me know that he is thinking about the success of my child and of all of our students. And these efforts have measurable results. For the school year 2003-04, TCUSD received an “improving school” label and an “adequate” yearly progress report by the State of Arizona. And to put frosting on the cake, that same school year we had a balanced budget.

There again we see efforts of Dr. Tahu and his affinity towards the achievement of excellence. This goes a long way towards a track record of stability. Stability is very important to my family, my people and my community. I want to thank Dr. Tahu for fostering these tenets and re-establishing integrity, caring and the philosophy of nurturing in our children’s education at our schools. Well done, Dr. Tahu!

Dr. Tahu has raised the bar for teachers of our students. This is an indication to me that he believes our children here in Tuba City deserve the best teachers and that we ought to be recruiting the best teachers, while seeking to retain those great teachers we have onboard at TCUSD. In doing so, Dr. Tahu has embraced the Arizona State Qualified Teacher standards and has become an advocate for its implementation here at the district. Again the Doctor demonstrates a student-centered presence, which I sincerely hope becomes routine here at TCUSD.

There is physical evidence of Dr. Tahu’s hand and guidance. This includes improvement of the district natural gas lines ensuring the safety of our children and the new Fir Street development—a bona fide safe school bus drop-off, a parent drop off, real vehicle parking and safe student crosswalks.

There has been new building construction and renovation of existing structures, which the community and the district have long dreamed for but just couldn’t make a reality. Well, it’s here now.

Other improvements include a school in Gap-Bodaway, a brand new sixth-grade building, a new junior high gymnasium and plans for schools in Tonalea and Coalmine Mesa. These are a reality and are happening right now for our children. And there is the improvement of the water purification system for Cameron school and community. The school at Cameron really is the heart of the community. Thank you, Dr. Tahu.

And there seems to be more to come. Dr. Tahu is demonstrating to TCUSD how to love, nurture and care for a community.

The message in this “routine” is to first care about the students and their families.

On the drawing board are renovations of more district buildings, homes and the construction of new buildings where needed. Also, Tahu has proposed an animal husbandry (FFA) project focusing on sheep, a restaurant to be run by students and a collaborative Vocational Tech High School. Yes, these are a demonstration of love and positive regard for Tuba City and TCUSD by a man from Hawaii. It is my opinion that these are the efforts of a superintendent focusing upon the need of each child, each student and their families here in Tuba City.

Dr. Hector Tahu, thank you very much. On behalf of my children and the children of this community, I pray each day that this will be a long and enduring relationship.



James Bilagody

Tuba City, Ariz.

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