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Thu, May 28

Still wants more answers on Iraq

How stupid do George W. and Ari Fleischer think we are?

They have Cheney send Ambassador Wilson to Africa at the beginning of 2002 to check whether Iraq bought uranium. Wilson comes back and states that the document claimed

to be a contract between Niger and Iraq is a blatant forgery. Various CIA officers, including Greg Thielmann discuss in many meetings that this document is a forgery.

And a year later, Bush uses the forged document, with visions of mushrooms clouds as an excuse to declare war on Iraq. When he realizes that he’s been busted, blames the inclusion of the forgery in his State of the Union address on George Tenet but says he still has faith in the CIA and trusts their judgment.

Bush says that he has now moved on and thinks that the country has moved on. Think again! We want answers. What was the reason to invade Iraq and put our boys at risk?

Simply sticking the blame for the inclusion of this document in the speech on Tenet is not enough. This was supposed to be the whole rationale for going to war!

Bush, the buck stops here!

Estella Bloomberg

Los Angeles, Calif.

Seniors deserve drug benefits now

The U.S. House and Senate recently passed separate bills calling for a prescription drug benefit in Medicare. The bills are currently being heard in conference committee, of which Arizona Senator Jon Kyl is a member.

The proposed bills would provide $400 billion to a prescription drug benefit over 10 years, yet seniors are expected to spend nearly $3 trillion on medications over this same period.

Even now, many seniors are giving up vital life necessities like food, housing and utilities to afford their medications. Their collective voice needs to be heard in this debate as they will be the ones affected by its outcome.

When all is said and done, this will undoubtedly be the most important health policy decision made by Congress since the enactment of Medicare 38 years ago.

AARP members are calling on Congress to keep its promise, and come together to enact a benefit that is based on the following:

Letters, page 5

• Medicare beneficiaries should not be penalized for wanting to remain in traditional Medicare over enrolling in a private plan.

• Medicare beneficiaries should have access to a reliable benefit, regardless of where they live.

• Medicare beneficiaries – regardless of income, must have access to the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

• Those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid must be able to enroll in the Medicare drug benefit.

Before AARP can lend its support to a final prescription package, these concerns must be addressed. After all, seniors should not have to settle for a benefit that will replace the high cost of prescriptions with the high cost of premiums, deductibles and co-pays.

Let your voice be heard on this issue. Call Congress at 1-800-211-0907 and tell them to fix it and pass it -- an affordable and meaningful prescription drug benefit in Medicare!

Ritch Steven

AARP State President

Phoenix, Ariz.

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