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Sun, May 31

NASA tests equipment at Meteor Crater

They also answered questions from the public in the Meteor Crater’s Astronaut Park.

In 1968 NASA trained the Apollo Astronauts in the crater and has continued to use the crater as a training tool for visits to the moon and even Mars.

Fifty thousand years ago, a massive meteorite from somewhere in space struck the plains in Northern Arizona at nearly 40,000 miles an hour. The impact thrusted millions of tons of rock and debris into the air, leaving a permanent mark of where the meteor hit the earth.

Today, the crater is more than 550 feet deep and nearly 4,000 feet across.

Meteor Crater is located west of Winslow on Interstate 40 exit 233 and is open from 6am to 6pm, from September 16 to May 14.

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