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Thu, Sept. 24

Thanksgiving warm wishes

Ya’a’teeh, Shikee doo’ Shidine’e.’ My name is Kayla Henderson. I am the current Miss Western Navajo 2003-04.

I am of the Salt Clan (Ashiihii) born for the Coyote Pass People Clan (Maiideshgishnii). My maternal grandfather is the Tangle People Clan (Taneeszahnii) and my paternal grandfather is the Water Flow Together People Clan (Tooheeglini). This is how I identify myself as a young Navajo woman.

I am originally from Coalmine, Ariz., and I currently reside in Tuba City, Ariz.

My family and I would like to extend warm wishes of a very happy and a safe Thanksgiving to all families. This is the time for sharing, caring and coming together to be with families, friends, and relatives.

Our native soldiers in other countries who are fighting for our freedom and our safety will always be in our prayers. As a nation, let us all pray for them to come home safely, soon. I would also like to thank all veterans who have fought so heroically for our freedom. Aheehe’e’.

I am extending my warm wishes of a special Thanksgiving filled with great joy, special friends and loved ones as we move forward to a brighter tomorrow, carrying with us the best of yesterday and the promise of today.

Have a Safe Happy Thanksgiving. For those that are traveling home to families, travel safely, follow all highway laws and wear your seatbelts. Aheehe’e’

Kayla Henderson

Tuba City, Ariz.

A time to enjoy family gatherings

Thanksgiving can mean many things to a lot of people. To me, it has a lot of meaning too.

One of the things that Thanksgiving means to me is getting together with your family, relatives and friends to enjoy a good meal and get to know each other a little more.

Other than Christmas, Thanksgiving is also a big holiday. It may be the only time when you can get together with your family and friends because some of them may live far away—and you may not get many chances to see them.

Thanksgiving is also a time to be thankful for many blessings you have in your life. For me, I have many things to be thankful for, like my family members always being there for me, same for my friends.

I like the food at Thanksgiving. You get to eat all kinds of Thanksgiving food like turkey, yams, ham, cranberries and many other delicious foods.

Sarah Duwyenie

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

A time to spend with elders

To me, holidays are about coming together with family and friends in order to have a good time by enjoying others company, especially with the relatives you don’t get to see as often.

When you’re with all your friends and family it feels good to see everyone having a good time, laughing, talking with each other and smiling.

Also, spending time with your grandparents is great. When they live far away its hard to see them and as they get older they sometimes forget and don’t always write.

It’s good to spend time with your elders and get to know them more by listening to their stories. These stories are important because you don’t know how long the elders will be there. So, it’s good to spend as much time with them as possible and cherish these times.

Holidays, like Christmas, aren’t just about getting presents and other gifts. It’s about being with your loved ones and the people you care about most. When you’re younger it may seem like that’s all it is, but as you get older you realize that it’s not.

So, to me, just being there with family and your closest friends and having fun and laughing is a good way to spend a holiday.

Glorianna Jenkins

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

A time for sharing

What Thanksgiving means to me is that we get together with our families.

We tell our families, including mothers and fathers, why we are thankful for them.

Thanksgiving is about eating food and seeing your relatives.

I think it also means that you learn about the Pilgrims and how they got along with the Indians. I think that Thanksgiving is when you get to get something from family members, but it’s not presents.

You get a big lecture if you’re going to go to college or about what you’re going do when you get out of high school. They always tell you not to have babies and lessons like that.

I think that Thanksgiving is a time we must treasure.

This is a time when we should not get mad at each other. We should share these moments with family and friends. We should thank them for all the nice things they did for us.

That’s what I think Thanksgiving means to me. Give thanks to family and friends.

Aurelia Kooyaquaptewa

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

A time for a family feast

I think that Thanksgiving could mean a lot of things to a lot of people whether they celebrate it or not.

Thanksgiving means a lot to me because it is a time where I get to eat and also spend time with my family. My family goes and eats next door with my grandparents, sister and her family.

It is one of the happy times that we have together. We all learn, talk and have a good time.

First, we make things. Then they set a time that we are going to eat. The women set the table. The men are in the other room watching a movie or the games that are usually on during that time.

We all sit at the table and eat. We mostly stay there all day and they just talk and have a good time.

Andree Duwyenie

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

A time for togetherness

Thanksgiving means togetherness.

It means that all of our family and friends get together to eat and laugh. Thanksgiving means we eat turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce and whatever you eat at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving means happiness. When you’re happy, you get together, laugh, are happy and just be one big happy family.

Thanksgiving means giving thanks to whatever happened in the past. Thanksgiving means that you are thankful for everything, such as that you are alive, you have food and just anything else.

I feel sorry for all of the people who are not here today, or in jail, or something because they won’t spend anytime with their family and friends.

I also feel sorry for the homeless people because they don’t have a home to live at and during Thanksgiving they won’t have family or friends to spend that special time with.

Also, to my mom, I am sorry you can’t spend Thanksgiving with your family and friends this year, but hopefully next time.

Malorie Yaiva

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

The best time of the year

The main thing that Thanksgiving means is giving thanks to one another.

It is also a time when other family members come home to reunite with the rest of their family. This is the time when families are together having a good time talking to each other and eating together.

I would have to say that Thanksgiving is the best time of the year. Most of the time, throughout the years, you see family members, but this is the best time to get together.

The main part is everybody celebrating Thanksgiving and being together as a whole family. This is what Thanksgiving really means to me.

This is when everybody has a good time, some may even tell their families about how they’ve been and what’s been going on with their own families as they moved away. This is a time when family and friends are catching up with the latest.

Thanksgiving is the best time to come together as a family and be happy that they have reunited.

Marlene Fritz

Bruin Times Staff

Hopi High School

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