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Fri, June 05

WUSD prepares for upcoming bond election

George Strait’s pair of King Spurs.

Public members of the committee are Dan Simmons, Winslow business owner, former Student Body President, who serves as chair of the committee; John Henling, former principal of Winslow High School and treasurer of the committee; Jim Boles, Mayor of Winslow; Laura Yazzie, parent liaison for Indian education programs and JOM; Dr. Harry Simmons, former school board member (who served for 24 years) and alumni; Robert Mansell, former principal; and Brooke Hodges, editor of the Winslow Mail.

District members are Royce Greer, school board member; Dr. David R. Black, Superintendent of Schools; Anne Rickstrew, district Business Manager, Doug Watson, principal of WHS; Shimeon Mattox, current Student Body President; Warren Prosser, junior class president; Nicole Buonviri, sophomore class president; and Monika LeGate, freshman class president.

Professional members are Chris Gillespie and Tom Bielecki, representing Pennacle One; Carl Jordan, representing BPLW architectural firm; and Tim Whiteside, of Johnson Walzer Associates architectural firm.

On August 16, 2002, the Students’ FIRST School Facilities Board (SFB) issued the official “Notice to Preceed” with the WHS Replacement Building. The WHS replacement will contain the same square footage as “Old Main.”

The new building is a “like for like’ building, which means it will have the same 22 classrooms, 650 seat auditorium/band room, satellite library building and administrative building.

The architects of the new building are BPLW of Mesa and JWA of Flagstaff. The contractor is Smith/Woods of Scottsdale and they are using local subcontractors. Pinnacle One is the project manager and the project is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2003.

On August 7, the WUSD Governing Board passed and adopted a resolution calling a special bond election to authorize the issuance and sale of not to exceed $4 million principal amount of ad valorem tax bonds in the form of class B general obligation bonds.

The $4 million will be used in the following breakdown:

• Two story classroom addition - business and science - $1,845,000

• Auditorium addition - Chorus, dressing and storage rooms - $300,000

• Library addition - $360,000

• Student Union Center and Dining - $1,250,000

• Site Work - $245,000

The architects of the addition would be BPLW/JWA and the contractors will be determined through a bid process. The addition is predicted to be completed in March 2004 and will be located on Cherry Street, adjacent to the new “Dog House” Gymnasium.

The average tax rate increase due to the bonds per $100 of assessed valuation is .94. A homeowner with a house valued at $100,000 is expected to pay an increase of $94. A commercial establishment valued at $200,000 is expected to see an increase of $470.

“Old Main” will continue to be a service to our school district. It is planned to consolidate district ancillary services, such as district administration, federal programs, psychological services and storage into one building.

The historic building is the oldest school building remaining in use in the city. WHS has seen more than 8,000 students from Winslow and the Navajo-Hopi reservations graduate from its classrooms. “She” is and will continue to be an important addition to the Winslow community, not only as an educational resource, but also as an obvious source of community pride.

The science and business education buildings have received serious analysis of various use options. One consideration might be the administration of alternative education programs.

The WUSD developed a school and community steering committee that focused on assessing the conditions of our schools and support facilities in concert with the State of Arizona SFB. A vision to meet the needs of our children and community was established and adopted through the development of a Master Facilities Plan.

On Aug. 16, the SFB issued the official “Notice to Proceed” to begin construction on all district facilities to include a replacement high school. The replacement building will contain the same square footage as “Old Main” to include the standard required by the SFB.

The $4 million capital improvement bonds will address the vision. To simultaneously construct a replacement high school building and incorporate additional classrooms and facilities on one campus that addresses technology, architectural integrity and a secure campus through the blending of State and local funding sources as well as utilizing the same architectural firm should enhance efficiency in service.

Please convey your voice by voting Nov. 5, 2002.

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