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Fri, July 03

Hopi students ponder what effect 9/11 had on America

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Members of the Hopi High School Journalism class penned the following editorials reflecting on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.)

Terrorist acts took many innocent lives

By Shayla Poleviyuma

On Sept. 11, 2001, I watched the news broadcasting the terrorist attacks. People cried as they watched the Twin Towers fall, knowing of all the people still trapped inside. We were all helpless but would have done anything to rescue the innocent people and save their lives.

My day started out as a regular day until I arrived at school. I had no idea what had happened until the televisions turned on and I saw the Twin Towers on fire. The first tower collapsed as I watched and saw many people jumping off the building. Other people ran for their lives in the streets to escape the flying, burning material.

Many innocent lives were taken that day. Many parents left their children behind to grow up without their loved ones and many children left their parents alone, sad, hurting and grieving.

Due to this terrifying attack, our nation has come together as one to help and watch out for one another. It has strengthened our people and has awakened us to help one another and to take care of our nation. The attack has brought us back to life and has made many differences in how we look at our nation and how we manage our lives.

These terrorists think they have damaged our lives but they have strengthened them. We know now what we must do to keep safe. We must have more security and be stricter on visas into this country. We must limit the number of foreigners in this country and make sure every threat is investigated. If these actions are taken, we will stay safe in this world and our country.

America — stronger since Sept. 11, 2001

By Darrin Kumanhongva

On Sept. 11, 2001, there was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. It was a tragic day for many people who lost loved ones.

In order to avoid future terrorist attacks, we need to find bin Laden. We should make friends with other terrorists and create a war against bin Laden.

Many terrorists think they have overthrown or terrorized a country, when really they strengthened the security of the nation. We are now more aware of the danger of terrorist attacks and have the capability of taking fast action.

A day that will never be forgotten

By Kelsy Hardt

Sept. 11 has become a day that is imprinted in every American’s mind. The tragic event has left many people around the world devastated. It is something that everyone will look back on. As we approach the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, students and teachers look back on that tragic day.

Iva Sahneyah, a junior at Hopi High School, found out about the terrorist attacks from a friend in her first hour class when she arrived at school. Her first reaction was one of shock, like most students at Hopi High.

Mathew Honanie, also a junior, found out about the attacks on the news before school. Mathew felt irate when he discovered what event had taken place.

Both of the students felt that the Sept. 11 attack could have been prevented and that the war on terrorism could progress in a more positive way.

Kristen Foss, an English teacher at Hopi High, felt afraid and sad. She feels that the war on terrorism is a difficult war to fight because the enemy is ambiguous.

All three feel sympathy for the victims and wish that it did not occur, like all Americans do.

I also feel sorry for the families of Sept. 11, the injured and the lost family members.

Urges united effort for world peace

By Marissa Kewanytewa

It’s been almost a year since the tragic Sept. 11 attack, yet many are still grieving the loss of their family and friends. In New York, people have put out posters, shirts, hats, pins and flowers along a fence in remembrance of those lost.

Something as bad as the attacks on the U.S. makes many people wonder if something this bad can happen. What worse could possibly happen?

The United States government needs to join together with other countries’ governments and look at what’s in the future for all the younger generations. If war this bad is occurring now, what will it look like in the future, with better technology? The world’s governments need to get along in order to keep world peace.

Search for a way to get along with other people

By Lenita Poncho

I think that the way people can avoid future terrorist attacks is they can find out how people can get along with one another. They can avoid the huge population of people in certain areas that can easily be targeted. Also the government can keep a closer eye on what other countries are doing.

To me terrorist attacks are very drastic because people and their families get hurt in the process. The victims are the ones who suffer and pay the consequences for these childish acts of behavior from the terrorists.

We as a country are very liberal and good, so that’s why other people did not like us.

Persistence against terrorists needed

By Sunsiree David

On Sept. 11 2001, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center. Many lives were lost that day. Many families were broken up because of this incident. They say that the date 9-11 is a sign, since 911 is the emergency number in this country. This should have been a sign to let people know to watch out for what might happen on that date.

If the U.S. could just catch these terrorists then maybe it will all end, and we won’t have to worry about any other terrorist attacks.

Osama bin Laden is thought to be the leader of all these attacks. He’s a bad man and should be taken seriously by the United States.

If we work together to protect our country, then we can put an end to all of this nonsense. Until then, we just have to keep working and not let Osama bin Laden get the best of us.

Urges higher security standards for airlines

By Brian Nastacio

The terrorist attacks last year really surprised me. I wouldn’t have thought anyone would have targeted the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The people who did it must have been nutcases. I would have sentenced the people who did it to life in prison without parole.

I think that the terrorists wanted to get people’s attention. They probably want us to know that they can beat the U.S.A. Our lax airline security cost many people their lives. I think if the rules and regulations were stricter, we would not have been attacked.

If we had more people working at airports and more security it may help reduce the chance of another tragedy. Stricter rules and regulations need to be enforced to make sure it will not happen again.

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