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Wed, Feb. 26

Possible Community Foundation would award funds to non-profits

By Brooke Hodges

Winslow Mail

The Winslow City Council is looking for a group to become Winslow’s Community Foundation, which will be responsible for giving out grants to non-profit organizations, giving out scholarships and raising the monies needed to do these charitable things.

On Aug. 13, a workshop was held prior to the city council meeting to look at the effectiveness of a community foundation. Carla Roberts, Vice President of Affiliates for Arizona Community Foundations, informed council that community foundations ran by a municipality do not usually go over well with the public.

She encouraged council to find a group that is already a non-profit organization that would serve as the foundation. At their regular meeting held Tuesday, Oct. 8, council passed a motion encouraging the Friends of the Library and/or the Standin’ On The Corner Foundation to establish the Community Foundation.

City Administrator John Roche said he and his staff would begin looking for a group and welcomed any group interested to contact the city. He added that if a group takes on the role of the foundation, the city would furnish the required $10,000 start-up money.

He added the foundation would need a year or two to gather enough funds to begin handing out money to the charitable causes. Funds for the foundation to use usually come from people leaving inheritance to the group.

Council addressed the issue of mobile homes within the city limits with two ordinances, a first reading of a third ordinance and a resolution.

Council approved Ordinance No. 895, which amends the Municipal Code, which makes mobile homes legal, non-conforming buildings. This means that mobile home parks can fill empty spaces with mobile homes that conform to the city’s guidelines of being no older than 15 years, have tongues removed and skirted and the replacement home must fit in the vacant space.

Council approved Ordinance No. 896, which amends the Municipal Code to allow mobile home parks with conditional use permit in the commercial and industrial zoning districts.

Council held the first reading of Ordinance No. 900, which makes changes to the Winslow Municipal Code concerning mobile home subdivisions, parks and zonings. The revisions also change mobile homes to be named “manufactured homes”.

Council passed Resolution No. 1235 declaring documents filed with the city clerk amending the Winslow Municipal Code, Title 15, Buildings and Construction, Title 17 Zoning and Selected titles related to mobile homes to update terminology for manufactured homes as public record. Anyone wanting information about the changes can contact the city clerk at the Winslow City Hall.

Council approved the city’s participation in the Rural Arizona Group Health Trust new dental, life and vision insurance. The group health trust is currently made up of the cities of Winslow and Holbrook and the town of Parker. The goal is to create an insurance package that is attractive and inviting other entities to join the trust, therefore lowering the cost to employees.

The new insurance plans take effect Jan. 1, 2003 and will save the city around $4,800.

On the consent calendar council also took the following action:

• Authorized repairs to the street striping machine.

• Approved purchase of a new SCADA system upgrades. The system enables the water department to control the wells and pumps from a remote location.

• Appointed Harold Nimitz to the Airport Commission.

• Appointed Dennis McFarland to the Historic Preservation Commission.

• Approved paying Dyna Rock and Sand $1,020 for hauling away the debris from the demolished Apache Apartments.

• Approved submitting an application to obtain State Prison Funds, which will be used by a newly created Muncipal Property Corporation to build a 37-unit apartment complex.

• Authorized the signing of a contract for renovations to the Community Counseling Center using Community Development Block Grant funds.

• Approved payment for legal services rendered in conjunction with the city’s water rights.

The appraisal of downtown properties in order to begin the condemnation process and extending Phil Bruchman’s time limit to stabilize the building located at 110 W. First Street for a full year was held off until a later date.

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