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Mon, Sept. 27

Skate Park ramps okayed by council<br>

The city Skate Park is getting ramps!

Council instructed the city staff to begin the bid process in order to purchase ramps to place at the abandoned tennis courts.

Krissy Croft, one of the adult sponsors of Club Extreme, was on-hand to address the council. She spoke about the ramps the group suggested the council purchase for the skate park. The ramps are semi-permanent; weighing over 900 pounds each, with three ramps bolted together. The set of three ramps is then bolted to the ground to prevent theft.

The ramps are made out of 15-year warranted metal and covered with 5-year warranted tops that can be replaced when they wear out. They are also weather resistant.

The ramps are only four feet high, which brings the cost of insurance down to $3,000 per year. Club Extreme has vowed to raise $1,000 per year to go towards insurance.

One concern would be the lack of supervision while kids are on the ramps. Croft explained that parks in other cities do not have supervision, but do have rules and regulations posted throughout the park. She added that safety equipment (helmets and pads) will be required and can be checked out at Wild Styles if a child does not own such equipment.

Staff was also instructed to work out a written agreement with Club Extreme for running the park. The group will be expected to open and close the park during operational hours, as well as keeping the area clean.

Council approved the United People Who Care Organization’s “Plan B”, which leases them city property located between Donnelley and Pope Streets and the modular building that was supposed to be the golf course’s club house. This was approved after the city could not gain clearance for the UPWCO’s first choice, the old fleet yard located on Fourth Street, because of contaminated ground water.

The city gave UPWCO the chance after the last regular meeting to pick a new location in order to use the Community Development Block Grant (C.D.B.G.) funds they have been awarded.

Council issued a proclamation declaring October as Disability Awareness Month. During October the Disability Awareness Poster Contest will take place at the schools and the city will issued the Disabled Employer and Employee of the Year awards.

Council approved Ordinance No. 893, which leases property at the Winslow Heights Water Tanks for an amateur radio repeater site.

Council approved Ordinance No. 894, which changes the name of the Police Court to Winslow Municipal Court in the Winslow Municipal Code.

Council held the first readings for Ordinance No. 897, which authorizes selling Lots 55, 56, 57 and 58 at the Winslow Airport Industrial Park, Ordinance No. 898, which amends the municipal code sections dealing with the employee hearing officer, and Ordinance No. 899, which leases the former weather service building at the Winslow Lindbergh Regional Airport.

On the consent calendar, council took the following action:

• Approved the check register and the minutes from the last regular council meeting.

• Approved a housing quality standards system contract for the public housing department.

• Authorized staff to conduct a citizen satisfaction survey by mail.

• Approved the purchase of four computers and various recreation supplies for the United People Who Care Organization. This purchase was done with C.D.B.G. funds, which are federal monies.

• Awarded the contract for the replacement of damaged curbs, gutters and sidewalks at various locations in the city to McCauley Construction of Winslow.

• Authorized Woodson Engineering to prepare plans for the street design in Winslow Heights. This item was pulled for further discussion by the council.

The streets in Winslow Heights are not paved because they could not be included in the Street Bond the city is currently paying on. The roads were graveled a few years back, and then were covered with millings.

Woodson Engineering has a technique that returns millings back to the street and the work will also clear up drainage problems in the area. City Administrator John Roche said the roads would be good for seven to ten years and proposed that by then the city will have the street bond paid off and the city can pave the streets in the subdivision with asphalt.

• Approved the conversion of a Winslow Police Department patrol officer position to a dispatcher position.

• Authorized a change order for the Lee Street Park project. Councilman M.E. “Tommy T” Thompson asked to pull this item for further discussion.

He asked why the council was approving this change order after the work had already been completed. Roche explained the money that pays for this project is federal funds and that coming to the council for a change order was not necessary because the council has given the city staff the “latitude” to approve change orders.

Thompson told Roche he would like to see things like this come to council before the change order work is done.

• Appointed Gayle Kasulaitis to the Historic Preservation Commission.

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