Navajo-Hopi Nations,Flagstaff & Winslow News
Sun, Oct. 17

Recent flooding problems in Coconino County District 4<br>

Fall greetings to all of you. The trees are beginning to put their fall colors on, and the calendar tells us that days will start to get shorter soon. We have had a challenging summer this year, especially with the weather situation. I hope the fall and winter will be gentler.

There is an old saying that goes: Be careful what you wish for — you might get it. Earlier this month, that saying was brought into focus again when the rains we have all been wishing for finally arrived. Unfortunately all of the rain came at the same time, and some areas of Coconino County sustained some fairly serious flood damage. The county was called in to help, and we are still involved. Let me explain what we have been doing.

It started on election day when big black clouds rolled in and by late in the afternoon we were getting heavy rain. There were reports of large hailstones, the size of marbles, in the Doney Park area outside of Flagstaff, and some homes even had their windows broken.

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