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Mon, Jan. 27

Boles and council survive recall<br>Two propositions pass - three fail

Winslow Mayor Jim Boles and the six council members were winners in the Tuesday, May 21 Recall Election.

Boles received 764 votes while Judy Howell, his recall opponent, received 422.

The three city council members with opponents were victorious, as well.

Councilman Robert Beamish defeated Ed Bernier 637 votes to 412. Councilman Tom McCauley beat his opponent, Sid Moore Sr., 752 to 345 votes. Councilman Robin Boyd received 789 votes, while his opponent, Robert Smith, received 319.

Harold Soehner, who ran unopposed, received 910 votes enabling him to remain in office. Dee Rodriguez, also unopposed, received 754 favorable votes and Robert Mansell, unopposed, received 861 votes.

Boles also took the general election versus Howell, 792 votes to 428.

The top three vote getters in the city council race were Harold D. Soehner (857), Tommy Tee Thompson (756) and Dee Rodriguez (629).

Incumbent Robert Beamish received 475 votes. Beamish was appointed to the council on May 28, 1996 after a resignation by Terry Nagle and then re-elected in 1998.

Sharon Corral also received 327 votes in the race.

Passed - Proposition No. 106, the bed tax that collects revenues from tourists staying in Winslow hotels, passed 840 votes to 366. The tax will continue until July 1, 2007. City Administrator John Roche estimated revenues between $90,000 and $100,000 each year from this tax. The funds will be used to promote Winslow’s tourism industry.

Passed - Proposition No. 103, which increased the number of council members required to use the Emergency Clause from five to six, passed 621 votes to 553.

Failed - Proposition No. 102, which gives the council the right to sell city-property valued up to $25,000 without an ordinance, failed to pass with 591 votes against and 422 votes in favor of the item.

Failed - Proposition No. 104, which would allow purchases to be executed by contracts for city improvements under $10,000 to occur without the council’s approval, failed with 701 votes against and 469 votes for.

Failed - Proposition No. 105, which would not require council’s approval for purchases under $10,000, failed with 662 votes against and 509 votes for.

Both of the bond issues failed to pass.

Failed - Question number one, which would have given money to the Recreation and Parks Department and funded the new building of a community center, failed 701 to 488 votes.

Failed - Question number two, which would have given $1.5 million dollars to the library for a new facility, failed 690 to 400.

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