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Mon, Jan. 18

Keep Observer informed about happenings on Rez <br>

Last week, I spent time in Tuba City meeting several administrators of both the Tuba City Unified School District and Grey Hills Academy.

I was very impressed with what I saw at both places.

I hail from Kentucky, true basketball country, and am in awe of the TC district’s gorgeous sports pavilion.

At Grey Hills, I spent time with a fourth and fifth graders who plan to write news stories this summer as well as try their hand at cartooning. Expect to see examples of their work in upcoming issues of the Navajo-Hopi Observer.

On Thursday, I met Louise Yellowman, whom I’m sure will prove a valuable resource for me. Her dedication to her people is so obvious and spans many years.

It was interesting to find out her role in the Observer’s inception back in the 1980s when its office was in Tuba City.

Thursday evening, I stopped by the Navajo Housing Authority’s annual awards ceremony held at Little America. NHA staff went all out to recognize the 50 individuals who have worked hard to make their communities better places to live.

I plan to visit Hopi communities this week, but realize that I am just scratching the surface in terms of knowing my readers. I would like to solicit your help in providing coverage.

Community weekly newspapers in general and the Observer in particular are very lean when it comes to news gathering staff. I am the only full-time editorial person at this paper.

I do have a 25-hour per week editorial assistant whose primary job is to input and proof copy as well as field inquiries when I’m out of the office.

For most of the byline stories and pictures that appear in this publication, I rely on very talented freelance writers.

Let’s face it the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations cover a tremendous geographic area, which will take time for me to learn. It will often be unfeasible for me to cover events that occur within these far-flung boundaries.

With planning, however, we can provide you coverage.

Do give me a heads up when something is going on in your area preferably via e-mail so I can get your information speedily and accurately. My e-mail address is

You can also reach me by phone at 928-226-9696 or 1-877-3787 (toll-free) and fax at 928-226-1115.

If neither myself nor one of our writers can be on site, I encourage you to snap a few photos and write up a summary of what is going on.

If photos are e-mailed to me in jpeg format, I can put them directly onto our pages. If you send me a photo via U.S. mail or drop it by the front desk, our graphics staff will scan it.

Please give me a way of contacting you should I need additional information and an address so I can return photos to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(Ann Widmann is editor of the Navajo-Hopi Observer.)

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