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Mon, Feb. 17

Art For Your Mind – Coffee For Your Mug

Jim Steagall and Katherine Whitty, owners of Winslow's The Seattle Grind.

Their coffee shop features an outside awning-covered café area with tables and speakers playing music. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout the shop plus a lounge area has comfy couches and lounge chairs available for patrons.

The separate walled area in the back of the shop has been converted to an art gallery where Whitty and Steagall will feature artists’ works. The two artists currently featured are Winslow artist Bill Dixon and Northern Arizona artist Baje Whitethorne.

Dixon, who recently painted the train mural at Winslow’s Centennial Park, has been helping Whitty and Steagall find artists to feature. They plan to show fine art, but will also display various styles, which will enable patrons to enjoy a wide variety of talents and tastes.

The two owners will also bring in bands on a regular basis in the near future. Whitty said that “anything people would consider ‘coffee shop’ music – jazz, blues, folk singers,” all will be brought in.

Steagall explained that they are hoping to boost Winslow’s tourism industry by having a place where all the people in Winslow can feel comfortable.

“Someone staying at La Posada can walk down here and feel comfortable and someone from Winslow can also come in here and feel pampered,” Whitty added.

In order to get the building ready for a coffee shop, the two owners and a few helpers had a huge amount of work to do. They had to refurbish everything from the floor to the ceiling. Steagall said when people who have not seen the inside since work began walked in and their jaws dropped. “I hope that people see that it was worth the wait,” he added.

The shop will feature Seattle’s Best brand coffee, teas, pastries and desserts. Whitty added that there is no limit to the choices of coffee that someone can find at the shop.

For people who try to eat (and drink) healthy, all of the Seattle Grind’s espresso-based drinks are made from organic coffee. This ensures that no chemicals were used on the coffee beans prior to being ground.

Patrons can also purchase Seattle’s Best coffees and take them home to make themselves. The tea the shop serves, Republic of Tea, can also be purchased to make at home.

Steagall moved to Winslow eight years ago to work at establishing rock-climbing at Jack’s Canyon and Whitty moved here two years ago. The two are avid rock climbers and cyclers and hope that by opening their coffee shop, they will meet new people who enjoy the same activities.

The shop will be open seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Whitty explained that the early opening time is to accommodate the shift change at the prison.

Saturday the Seattle Grind is hosting a Grand Opening all day with Tommy Duke’s Blues Band performing from 7 to 11 p.m.

Whitty and Steagall invite everyone to stop by and taste the brew.

This week, the Seattle Grind has been and will continuing offering free drip-coffee through Friday.

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