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Wed, Aug. 05

When I Grow Up I Want To Be ...

Winslow Mail Reporter Brooke Hodges explains to a group of students what it is like to be a journalist at Winslow High’s Career Day.

Students have a say in what professional are offered during the five sessions. Towards the beginning of the year, Duran hands out surveys that ask students which careers interest them.

Duran then offers professionals in the desired fields the chance to come and speak to the students. Once the professionals confirm, Duran hands out another survey with a list of confirmed speakers. Students choose eight careers they would want to learn about, ranking them based on their personal interest. The students are then put into five sessions based on their rankings.

The day is broken into five thirty-minute sessions, with the students deciding which professionals class they will attend. Professionals filled all 54 of WHS’s classrooms.

After the day is complete, Duran sends out one more survey to see how the students enjoyed the speakers. She said that in past years, the students have really enjoyed the experience.

“They tell us what they wanted that we didn’t have and we try to get it for the next one. They also tell us what they didn’t like and what we can do to improve the experience,” Duran said.

Several Winslow professionals participated in the career day, including: Dr. Greg Hackler of Hackler Chiropractic, Judge Allison Kolomitz, Dr. Robert Boyd, Sharon Curley and Amy Hartnet, all of Winslow Dental, fire fighter James Hernandez and paramedic Mary Ann Smith of the Winslow Fire Department.

Also participating were Winslow massage therapist Penny West, computer graphic artist and photographer Jeb Earl, reporter Brooke Hodges of the Winslow Mail, radiologist Bill Ward of the Winslow Memorial Hospital, stylist Mary Alice Hayes of Dare 2-B Different Salon, APS Linemen Rusty Evans and Pierre Arrossa and APS Service Representative Rachel Smith.

Other Winslow professional featured were: sculptor and stunt woman Kathy O’Haco, restaurant owner, Jeff Hancock of Captain Tony’s Pizza, bank teller Heidi Bevall of Community First Bank, morticians Royce Greer and Mac Ruiz of Greer’s Scott Mortuary, Krissy Croft of Wild Styles, sales associate Charles McLaws and service manageer Bill Mendoza of Cake’s Chevrolet, pharmacist Russ Stevenson of Safeway and registered physical therapist Katie Sawert.

Several educators were also present, including Antoinette Burrage, teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, Susan Immel, teacher for the visually impaired, Jane Dalton, sign language interpreter and librarian Anita Henling.

State workers were also part of the session, including: probation officer B.J. Little of Navajo County Probation Department, Sgt. Richard Warner, Officer David Watkins, and Officer James Bach of the Department of Correction’s K-9 unit, wildlife manager Ken Clay of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Bill Lawler of the Department of Economic Security, Melody Deaton and Michelle Aragon of Waste Management, Tony Parks and Dick Fleishman from the U.S. Forest Service.

Northern Arizona University sent Sean Willeford of their exercise science department and Diana Betoney, program coordinator of their educational talent search program.

Every branch of the military services was also present: Sgt. Edsel Whitesinger and Sgt. Tommy Gentry represented the U.S. Marine Corps, Sgt. Brett Gloss and Sgt. Boyko represented the U.S. Army, Sr. Airman William A. Biddle and Master Sgt. Loretta Matthews represented the U.S. Air Force and Dan Pritchett represented the U.S. Navy.

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