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Wed, May 27

City Steps Up To Bat For Little League With Additional Funds

The Winslow Little League received an additional $6,000 from the city council to help the organization with their upcoming season.

The Little League had previously received $10,000 each year from the council to cover the costs of their season. Once the city’s budget was cut by the 2000 Census, the organization was only allotted $1,000. It was suggested that the Little League work to raise the remaining $9,000 they needed to fund the season.

The Little League has restructured their budget to bring it down to $7,000 from $10,000. The council received a request from the organization asking an additional $6,000 to be given to the group to cover the full $7,000 budget. The request stated the Little League needed more time to create plans for raising their funds.

This request brought both supportive and disapproving discussion from members of the council.

Councilman Tom McCauley made a motion to award the $6,000 to the Little League. He said the Little League serves as the only summer recreation for some of the kids in the area. He added the city could either give the money to the Little League or the police department for the extra patrolling they would have to do during the summer if the kids did not have their games to keep them occupied.

Councilwoman Dee Rodriguez believes the Little League should not ask for more money because the funds they received was a gift from the city when the money was available. She pointed out the organization is already an expensive project with the cost of the lights and mowing. Councilman Robert Beamish made a suggestion that “parents should donate more than just the children.”

Councilman Bob Mansell expressed concern about the city “pulling the rug out from under [the Little League]” and they should help the organization get used to the covering their portion of the costs. He also added Little League is the largest contact the city has with both parents and children in their community. Mansell seconded McCauley’s motion.

When called to a vote, Rodriguez was the only member who voted against awarding the funds to the Little League.

The council approved an agreement between the Parks and Recreation Department and the Little League that states the city will mow and maintain the Little League Field and Vargas Field. The agreement also says the city will maintain and repair all the buildings, fences and stands, as well as cover the cost of the lighting.

The approval of an agreement with Winslow’s Officials’ Association gave the responsibility of hiring, training and supervising umpires for the Little League to the organization. The payment of this organization and the officials will come from the $7,000 the city gave the Little League.

The city approved Ordinance No. 881, which creates a buffer zone for the Santa Fe Subdivision. The agreement was finalized at the last council meeting and then sent to the subdivision developers for approval.

The ordinance states the city will water and mow the greenbelt and drainage channel at the old golf course as necessary. The city is also responsible for maintaining the ponds and the area around the city-owned cabooses during the months of April through October.

Two of the old putting greens, Greens 4 and 5, are to be replanted and maintained by the developers.

The council adopted Ordinance No. 882, which approves a land exchange between the city and Winslow Unified School District. The district will be trading land located west of Desert View Cemetery for land located at the corner of Maple and Pope Streets.

The district will use the land as their transportation fleet yard. Since the district’s land is valued higher than the city’s, the city will make up the difference through labor to the district.

The council adopted Resolution No. 1216, which accepts the canvas of votes and election returns from the Primary Election, which was held on March 12.

The council adopted Resolution No. 1217, which declared April 8-12 as Strong Cities and Towns Week. The week is aimed at encouraging communities and elected officials to interact and celebrate superior delivery of city services.

The council adopted Resolution No. 1219, which expresses the city’s concern over the proposed layoffs to the Department of Corrections Facility in Winslow due to budget cuts.

The resolution states that the council is deeply concerned over the effects of the layoffs, mainly the changing of safety and working conditions.

The council also adopted Resolution No. 1220, which shows the council’s support for the Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Program. In the consent calendar part of the agenda, the council approved applying to become a REDI partner. By being part of REDI, the city will receive aid in its goal of bettering the economic status of Winslow. Becoming a REDI partner will cost the city nothing.

The council took the following actions on other items on the consent calendar:

• Approved the payment of $3,000 to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for fees.

• Approved a change order for the box culvert at Ice House Wash on the Mike’s Pike extension.

• Approved the purchase of manholes for the Santa Fe Subdivision sewer extension.

• Approved a lot split and recombination of properties located at 1407, 1407 and a half and 1415 Short Street.

• Accepted a report on action taken by the Planning and Zoning Commission on February 28, 2002.

• Accepted a report on action taken by the Board of Adjustments on March 5, 2002.

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