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Tue, Sept. 28

Navajo Nation Speaker Begay Backs President Bush's Statements

Window Rock, Ariz. Sept.11, 2001 – Edward T. Begay, Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council, issued the following statement regarding the acts of terror in New York City, N.Y., and Washington, D.C.

“I am saddened by the horrific acts taken by whomever is responsible for what happened in Washington, D.C., and New York City, NY, this morning."

"I, too, support the President of the United States in his statement that those who are responsible for the tragic events are brought to justice. My prayers are with the families that tragically lost their relatives and friends."

"President Kelsey A. Begaye, several Council Delegates and staff are in Washington, D.C., and were scheduled to attend an important policy meeting today."

"Everyone in the Navajo delegation is safe and the Window Rock offices are in contact with them. We are making plans to transport the Navajo Nation delegation back to Window Rock, Ariz., as soon as all flight restrictions are lifted."

"I also signed on to an early release of Navajo government staff this afternoon. I realize that the crisis in Washington and New York City may not directly impact the Navajo Nation."

"However, many of our government employees and Navajo people have relatives living at various places in the United States. We, as Navajo people, look after one another in times like this. Therefore, President Begaye, Chief Justice Robert Yazzie, and I determined that it is best that the Navajo government offices be closed so that at the minimum we can provide our Navajo people the opportunity to ensure that their relatives are safe."

"I ask the Navajo people to come together in this time of need to pray for those in New York City and Washington and for our loved ones, who are traveling, so that they may return to their homes safely.

"I also request that the Navajo people report any unusual activity to their local law enforcement officers as soon as possible."

Thank you,"

Navajo Nation Speaker Edward T. Begay

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