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Wed, Feb. 26

Editor's Comments

No words can adequately describe the heartfelt sorrow of the loss of those we never personally knew. We can only extend our deepest condolences to their survivors.

But we can, as Americans, recognize what is now happening here in our country. The reawakening of the American spirit.

Those we cried out to as they fell from the sky were our neighbors, our friends and our fellow Americans, regardless of the miles separating us. The senseless slaughter of those women, men and innocent children has awakened the friendly giant that we call the American fighting spirit.

Your grandparents, your parents and you, answered the call to live in freedom in WWII, in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and you are still answering the call every day you get up and go about your life – as an American.

Our American spirit has been stalked and jeered at by those who would see the shining torch that is America, snuffed out. They howl for American blood like some dog gone mad and scream in laughter when they see our bodies lying in the rubble.

Those who died in last week’s cowardly attack demand justice and those who survive will see justice. Those honored millions of American fighting men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom over the past century, demand justice.

Make no mistake, all Americans who have died fighting under our flag regardless of their creed, color, religion, or national origin, have now been laughed at and scorned by those who committed the kind of heartless violence we have witnessed over the past several days.

Closer to home, the Navajo Code Talkers and all those other code talkers who joined them in helping conquer the evil that stalked the world in WWII have been rightly honored this year for their efforts and their sacrifice.

But those who murder in the name of their particular brand of ideology are laughing at all those who served their country as Americans. Those terrorists jeer at America’s desperate and successful attempts to help save the down trodden on so many distant battlefields that few can recall them.

They laugh and dance in the streets, even as we pray for those who died simply because they are American or friends of America.

But a wind has been awakened. A big wind that will raise the American Eagle to victory over its enemies..

God bless those who died and their families.

God Bless America.

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