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Mon, Jan. 27

<center>Letters to the Editor</center>


The last time Todd Honyaoma, Sr., chairman of the water team, met with the Black Mesa Trust was on April 6, 2001. At that meeting Todd told everyone that from that date on there would be full cooperation between the two groups, but so far that has been the last time these two groups have met. Where is the cooperation that Todd promised?

Instead, a recent news release [told] us that Chairman Taylor is meeting with Peabody, Southern California Edison, and the Salt River Project on the slurry pipeline issue. We, in the council, also know that Todd and his water team are also involved in these secret discussions.

What is not mentioned in the news release is that it is these conglomerate giants who are taking 1.3 billion gallons of pristine water from the N-aquifer each year, 3 million gallons each day, 120,000 gallons every hour, 2,000 gallons each minute, and 24 gallons of water every time one’s heart is pumped.

These conglomerate giants will pressure Chairman Taylor and Todd to compromise away our Hopi interests. I also wonder about the motives of Chairman Taylor and Todd. I think it is a strange coincidence that these discussions began in May, about a month after the chairman and Todd met with the Black Mesa Trust. Perhaps these two individuals felt that they need to take this slurry issue away from this Black Mesa Trust and claim it as their own during this political year. In other words, to convince the Hopi public that they had been working on this issue all along to cover up their negligence for the last four years.

Nevertheless, let us be absolutely clear that these conglomerate giants are only interested in delaying the termination of the use of this slurry pipeline and each day’s delay means that another 3 million gallons of our pristine water have gone down the drain from our N-aquifer. The bottom line is that these conglomerate giants have very little interest in the survival of the Hopi people. Their main interest is corporate profits.

In contrast to Chairman Taylor and Todd and the conglomerate giants, my main interest is to terminate the use of this slurry pipeline as soon as possible. If I am elected chairman by my people that will be my top priority.

Caleb Holetstewa Johnson

Kykotsmovi, Ariz

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