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Mon, Feb. 17

Letters to the Editor


I have become a concerned citizen regarding the affairs of Winslow’s municipal government and have spoken out when I truly felt that certain actions instigated by the Mayor, Council and City Staff were highly controversial because of the effects of such actions imposed upon us citizens.

We now have other persons who are voicing their opinions to the contrary. Re: questioning the petitions to recall the Mayor and Council. They have the right to express their opinions the same as other people have the right to petition when we petition signers feel that our best wishes, interests, welfare, etc., are being disregarded by those whom we elect to represent all citizens.

It is time to set the record straight. The people who are now coming forward and endorsing the recall petitions – Are they wrong and foolish in their desire for accountability for the unfair treatment, poor decision-making, etc., they have experienced by this city administration? Individuals support the recall effort for a wide variety of personal reasons.

In the past when the city held recall elections, I didn’t hear any mention of the waste and foolishness because of the cost of an election. And regarding the issue of the closeness to the general election in which the mayor and three council members are up for reelection anyway, the point is that the message is clear to any who should seek to fill these vacancies: We do not want “business as usual” at City Hall; we want representatives, not dictators.

To criticize is one thing, but to it in a hypocritical nature is another questionable matter. If you consider the source for support of “business as usual,” then one becomes aware that such statements of opinion are one-sided. To ask for recognition and gain back our right to have a voice in how we “the citizens of Winslow,” are to be governed is certainly not a foolish act.

Don Lowry



It is especially uplifting to read the positive “Letters to the Editor” about the Winslow Mayor and City Council. What government at any level can accommodate everyone? The negatives re listed, and if we listed all of the positive accomplishments it would be much lengthier than the negative. Sometimes controversial decisions have to be weighed and finances dictate the less distasteful.

Like Indian Gaming casinos, regardless of who the dollars go to, they’re destructive to every community and individual. The drugs and questionable moral values along with gambling, should be of higher concerns than garbage dumpsters and golf courses. It is commendable that there were individuals caring and capable of getting involved in community efforts to maintain the swimming pool and library. The community has to be involved in a positive manner. We certainly don’t need to waste tax dollars on recall elections. A different slate of candidates can be put up by due process.

From Presbyterians Today –

“If a church wants a better pastor, it only needs to pray for the one it has.” If a city wants better officials it only needs to pray for the ones it has.

Rev. David Wallace and

Doris L. Wallace


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