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Sat, Sept. 19

Voters Say Yes To N.A.V.I.T.

With 295 to 76 votes on November 6, Winslow Unified School District is now part of the Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (N.A.V.I.T.).

Holbrook and Joseph City school districts were also up for a vote on joining N.A.V.I.T. Both schools passed with 455-93 and 108-60 votes respectively.

Now that the community has voted yes on the district joining N.A.V.I.T., the next step is to plan for the future.

The school plans to keep their existing programs of woods and metal shops, drafting, and business education.

Dr. David Black, Superintendant for WUSD, predicted that Holbrook and Joseph City will buss their students to Winslow to be part of a nursing program.

With all the changes, Black predicted that the programs would be up and running next fall. There is currently a team working to develop alternative schedules, known as block schedules, that will consist of longer class times so that vocational students can have more time to work on their projects.

He explained that each school will offer certain vocational classes and students will be bussed to that school for a block of time and then bussed back.

The next step for Winslow is to appoint a governing board member to NAVIT’s School Board. That member and Sue Crumrine will work with NAVIT to get Winslow’s program up and running.

Crumrine, who heads up the vocational department at WHS, said the students are currently busy on their project, a student-built house. She estimated it will take the vocational students the rest of the to finish up the house.

The students build the frame of the house and it is then put up for auction. The person who buys the house has to have the land and the foundation to put the house on. They then have to pay to finish the house.

The materials for this year’s house was covered by a $18,000 donation made by State Farm Insurance Company. The check was delivered to Crumrine at WUSD’s governing board meeting Wednesday, Nov. 7. Shirley Light, Winslow’s State Farm agent, delivered the check.

It is the hope of Crumrine and the students that the money raised will cover the cost of materials for next year’s house.

At their meeting, the governing board accepted several donations.

They accepted $500 from the Thunderbird Foundation that goes to the WHS Golf Team. They accepted $2,000 from the Winslow Rotary Club that goes to the WHS Band and a $5,000 donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Intel’s Teach to the Future program to purchase supplies for the annual, newspaper and business classes at WHS.

The board also accepted a refrigerator valued at $250 from Paul Landis to be given to Bonnie Brennan School and $100 from Target School Fundraising Program to go to WHS’s Student Council.

the resignation of Loretta Prine, custodian at the junior high, and the hiring of the following substitute teachers: Michelle Williams, Harold Flynn, Mary Ward, Tessa Benham, Rose Lynn Oplinger, Rosalva Zimmerman, Shelly Anne Clay, Caroline Allen, Mitzi Johnson and Allison Meritt.

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