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Thu, July 09

Bulldog Gridders Reap Regional Honors

Winslow High School was well represented when post season football honors for the Enchantment Region were announced. In all, some 23 Bulldog players or coaches received honors, including three of the four most prestigious awards given.

Bulldogs mentor Matt Gracey was named as the Regional Coach of the Year. B. J. Little received recognition as the Regional Assistant Coach of the Year.

Brian Mitchell was honored as the Enchantment Region Defensive Player of the Year. The Regional Offensive Player of the Year was Lavon Salabye of Ganado.

Named to the Regional First Team Offense from Winslow were running back Dustin Taylor, receiver Anthony Carter, offensive linemen Brandon Mitchell and Josh Mattox and kicker Brandon Nazario.

Named to the Regional First Team Defense from Winslow were linemen William Beamon and Hershal, linebackers Steven Polacca and Jessie Hancock and defensive back Anthony Carter.

Named to the Regional Second Team Offense from Winslow were quarterback Steven Martinez, receiver Arthur Brito and lineman Hershal Clark.

Named to the Regional Second Team Defense from Winslow were linemen Brandon Mitchell and Eric Nez and linebacker Dustin Taylor.

Receiving Honorable Mention from Winslow were offensive players Brandon Guzman and Nolan Horn and defensive players Logan Payne and Orlando Vargas.

The Regional First Team Offense included quarterback Tyrone Lynch of Ganado, runningbacks Dustin Taylor of Winslow, Josh Golightly of Holbrook and Lane Gilmore of Monument Valley, receivers Anthony Carter of Winslow and Ames James of Ganado, kicker Nazario and offensive linemen Brandon Mitchell and Josh Mattox of Winslow, Tully Black of Monument Valley, Cory Honanwaima of Hopi and Myron Jones of Ganado.

The Regional First Team Defense included defensive linemen Hershal Clark, and William Beamon of Winslow, Myron Jones of Ganado and Marcellus Van of Holbrook; linebackers Steven Polacca and Jessie Hancock of Winslow, Davisson Slivers of Ganado and Oliver Whaley of Monument Valley and defensive backs Anthony Carter of Winslow, Eric Tyler of Holbrook, Lavon Salabye of Ganado and Josh Golightly of Holbrook.

The Regional Second Team Offense included quarterbacks Eric Tyler of Holbrook and Steven Martinez of Winslow, runningbacks Notah Silversmith of Ganado and Andrew Johnson of Tuba City, receivers Arthur Brito of Winslow and Scott Begay of Window Rock and linemen Hershal Clark of Winslow, Tyson Curly and Kasey Bluehouse of Ganado, Daniel Baldanado of Holbrook and Daniel Bradley of Tuba City.

The Regional Second Team Defense included linemen Sanky Reid of Monument Valley, King Carrol of Tuba City, Brandon Mitchell and Eric Nez of Winslow; linebackers Sandino Jones of Holbrook, Dustin Taylor of Winslow, Roy Bizan of Holbrook, Ramone Addington of Hopi and Roman McCabe of Greyhills and defensive backs Tyrone Lynch and Brian Cowboy of Ganado, Bryant Nocideneh of Tuba City and Mitchell Emerson of Monument Valley.

Receiving Offensive Honorable Mention were Brandon Guzmon and Nolan Horn of Winslow, Victor Lewis and Carson Pete of Ganado, Marcellus Van and Ray Bizan of Holbrook, T. J. Yellowhair and Brett Tsosie of Monument Valley, Derek Nuveyestewa and Olin Yazzie of Tuba City, Josh Morris and Jeff Johnson of Window Rock, Dale Lalo and Chris Polivema of Hopi and Peterson George and Carlo Curley of Greyhills.

Receiving Defensive Honorable Mention were Logan Payne and Orlando Vargas of Winslow, Tony Rintala and Ranford Wauneka of Ganado, Daniel Baldanado and Farrell Yazzie of Holbrook, Stan Tallman and Tyrone Tsosie of Monument Valley, Ames Myers and Aaron Black of Tuba City, Grant Birtcher and Chad Dixon of Window Rock, Garrick Jones and Kellen Polingyumptewa of Hopi and Robert Bedonie and Jason McCabe of Greyhills.

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