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Thu, Aug. 05

Giant Housing Project Begins in Indian Country

Over the past five years, FDHC has been awarded millions from NAHASDA grant funding for housing projects in Rio Puerco in Ft. Defiance (Ariz.), the Teeh In-Deeh estates in Kayenta Ariz. Shiprock, New Mexico, Navajo Agricultural Products Inc., Tsaile, Ariz. and five others across the reservation.

“All total, FDHC has built 385 homes in the past years using funding from NAHASDA and private sources,” said Ross.

“The Springstead subdivision will be built on tribal fee land, similar to the Navajo Nation's Karigan estates in St. Michaels. This situation allows for private sector investment opportunities,” Carl added.

In a lunch time speech at Church Rock Chapter, Carl added that there are other big opportunities for Church Rock. “They could get an off-ramp from I-10, build a hotel, and maybe even a casino,” he said.

Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council Edward T. Begay, who represents Church Rock, hailed the planning. “I want to see this project completed. I know something like this takes a lot of work.”

Jane Demarines, research and communications director for the National Indian Housing Council of Washington, said, “Housing in Indian country is six times more substandard than other groups in the country. This project certainly works towards that end and shows the success of the NAHASDA program.”

Others in attendance were representatives of Allied Mortgage, Navajo Nation Chief of Staff Derrick Watchman, Mesquite State Bank, and USDA officials.

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