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Thu, Aug. 13

We Speak Fax<br>Weed and Seed Gathers Hi-Tech Equipment To Link Groups

Improving communications between non-profit organizations through technical advances is the newest task of the Weed and Seed program.

The goal of the recently started technical movement is to get all the organizations to communicate and improve the conditions of life in Winslow by using faxes and computers.

Steve Zukowski, Coordinator for Weed and Seed, said “if we want to unify, we have to get everyone on the same page and get information out quickly to all partners that want to improve Winslow.

Russ Stevenson, the new Community Coordinator for Weed and Seed, has been working hard over the past week to gather and distribute equipment to the organizations that work with Weed and Seed that do not currently have them.

Information will be delivered to the different groups through a process known as broadcast fax. Using broadcast fax allows Stevenson to send out one fax to all of the organizations on the system. Any organization that works with Weed and Seed can become part of the new information program.

Those faxes will be used to send out notices about upcoming meetings and events, updates on ongoing projects and information on grant applications to gain funding for the organizations.

“We are moving rapidly,” Stevenson said. He has been working on the project for about a week and has already begun distributing some of the equipment.

Stevenson said that some of the fax and computer equipment has been donated to the program, but there are a few pieces that he has had to purchase. He belongs to a group purchasing organization and that allows him to purchase technical equipment for pennies on the dollar.

Zukowski said Weed and Seed funds do not pay the money used to purchase the equipment, but Stevenson is using the small personal stipend he receives as a liaison to purchase the equipment.

“He is donating them out of the goodness of his heart,” Zukowski added.

One-third of the groups that work with Weed and Seed do not have fax machines.

“We are trying to get all the groups together, which is a total of about two dozen local groups and two out of Flagstaff,” he explained.

For those organizations that do not work with Weed and Seed but still want to know what events are coming up, access to the new fax system is available.

Stevenson explained that a group, such as the media, who already have a fax machine could be added to the fax on demand list.

Jim Pate of Northland Containers has donated a storing container to Weed and Seed to house the equipment as it comes in until it can be placed where it will do the most good.

Stevenson is also working on developing a Resource Manuel that will list organizations by the services they provide.

He explained that the manual will eventually become a public guide to services that benefit them.

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