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Thu, Aug. 05

Council Tries New Consent Calendar

Items on the consent calendar consisted of ordinary business, such as purchases or payments, that do not need to be addressed individually. Each item can be removed from the calendar and discussed before it is voted on by request of the council, mayor, staff or public. Through the consent calendar, the council approved the following:

• The City’s check register

• The purchase of tools for the Inmate Crew and supplies for City Hall modifications

• The purchase of carpeting for City Hall modifications

• The purchase of computers for the Winslow High School Computer Lab from the Weed and Seed Grant

• The payment for legal services in conjunction with the City’s water rights

• Approved open purchase orders for the 2001-2002 fiscal year

Of the 10 items on the calendar, four were removed for further discussion. The minutes from the last meeting were removed to make some corrections. Russell Thompson was appointed to the Airport Commission. A contract to determine the location and owners of Underground Storage Tanks for removal on second and third streets was awarded to the Verde Company. Frank Strickler was awarded a contract to appraise the city-owned land formerly known as the golf course.

Along with the consent calendar, the maintenance of a green belt west of Santa Fe Subdivision was addressed by the council. The City staff was instructed to return with a legal description of the green belt for the next meeting and action would be taken then.

Robert “Bill” Barris, recent retiree from the city as the water rights coordinator, was awarded a part-time contract as a consultant for the upcoming fiscal year. Rebecca Barris was appointed to the Downtown Vision Task Force as a replacement member. The council also approved renaming of one dispatcher position in the police department to “Police Staff Assistant,” so that one of the dispatchers can become Winslow Police Chief Steve Garnett’s personal assistant.

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