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Fri, Nov. 15

Efforts to increase safety of street people show success

Robert Carr, Winslow's Community Relations Coordinator said in his monthly report to City Council that he has continued to warn street people about the dangers of being in the alleys. Counselors from both the Leupp and Dilcon areas have called Carr and arranged for family members to take street people home. Carr said that he has seen at least six street people turn their lives around and begin to lead productive lives.

Carr said that he talked with a leader of Navajo Health Services and arranged a meeting in March that will address this problem and include both city and tribal officials.

City Attorney Dale Patton was asked by Mayor Jim Boles to explain his recent contacts with the Center for Disability Law. Patton said that the Center was impressed with the options Winslow had available for its handicapped. Replying to previous complaints brought to the council, Patton said that he had been involved with the ADA law for 15-16 years and he can find no violation of the disability law in the Waste Management contract.

A Proclamation was adopted and presented to Isaac Bonds, Jr honoring him for being named Captain of the Arizona High School Basketball All Century Team. Mayor Boles said that he had been privileged to time games where Bonds played and often saw him pass the ball to others. He always played for the team, Boles said.

University of Arizona Professor Mark Frederickson from the School of Architecture presented copies of the Tejido Group's findings for downtown redevelopment. He said that he hopes to have follow-up comments.

The Tejido Group is made up of graduate students from the School of Architecture and Frederickson said they would be happy to come back for further work. The group findings emphasized corridors for development, especially along the Little Colorado river, through the First to Third street section of mid-town and along the Berry-North Park extension. They also saw possibilities for the Ruby and Ice House washes. All of these investments in parks and trails would pay off in increase of real estate value as well as creation of additional tourist attractions.

In other business the Council:

Approved a liquor license for Darlene's Restaurant;

Adopted an ordinance approving the lease of city and French farms to Gene Hancock for five years;

Approved an ordinance amending city codes regarding affirmative action;

Appointed Rebecca Barris, Fran McHugh and Teresa Warren to the Personnel Board with Linda Samson as alternate;

Extended the lease of the Airport Cafe for an additional year;

Authorized replacement of fencing at the Fire Training Facility and the installation of fencing at Well No. 1; and

Authorized an appraisal of the Swire Coca-Cola building.

The next Council meeting will be held Jan. 23.

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