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Tue, Jan. 28

City council approves five year contract with Waste Management

After hearing once again from a number of citizens who disapproved of changing the solid waste collection system, the city council voted five to one to approve a five-year contract with Waste Management. Tom McCauley, after making an eloquent statement about the possibility of controlling rates in this contract, became the only no vote.

Citizens for the Improvement of Winslow presented the council with a letter from the Intake Specialist for Public Accommodations at the Arizona Center for Disability Law. CFIW contends that curbside garbage pickup will mean sidewalk access is cut for the handicapped, especially those in wheelchairs, because the sidewalks are too narrow. They also presented concerns about meeting the Winslow City Code for public nuisance with roll-out waste containers. CFIW indicated that they will move the issue into court.

Waste Management officials said that they did not consider alley pickup safe and therefore would not consider it. Earlier presentations by city officials had said that Waste Management would pick up in the alleys if an entire neighborhood agreed to it.

Alternatives are still available for handicapped or elderly customers to have their trash picked up at the door. There will also be a smaller, plastic bag alternative for small households and those who have a problem pushing larger containers.

During the unscheduled appearances section of the council meeting, the first presentation was from Mrs. Bonnie Boles. She and Becky Barris are working with the Friends of the Library to give alumni of Winslow High School an opportunity to contribute to the Friends of the Library fund to help move the library. Boles presented City Librarian Irene Best with two checks for the fund. One from from Mayor and Mrs. Boles and the other from high school alumni.

Sam Conner made a presentation about the naming of Isaac Bonds, Jr. as the captain of the All-Century Arizona basketball team, as chosen by Barry Sollenberger. (and see page 6 for additional compliments to Bonds by Conner.)

Under council members business McCauley brought up the matter of Clear Creek water. He is looking for grants to help develop this resource.

City staff member John Roche said that most of these grants were only given where water quality was threatened. McCauley said that this might hit Winslow soon, to which Roche added, "like this summer."

In other business the council:

Authorized a housing market study which would be used to back up an application for Prison Housing Subsidy funds to build high-end housing;

Renewed the software agreement with Streetgard;

Authorized payment for a commercial washing machine for the Fire Department [department members were not present to speak on this since they were out fighting a fire in a trailer park];

Authorized payment for a Hazcat Kit for testing of materials for the Fire Department;

Approved the purchase of street crack sealing material ;

Approved payment for legal services in conjunction with city water rights;

Awarded the bid for a HVAC system to replace the current on in the police department;

Reappointed Paul Brown to the board of Adjustment;

Reappointed Heber Jackson and Jay Decker to the Planning and Zoning Commission;

Appointed Becky Barris to serve in place of Celeste Sojourner who resigned from Planning and Zoning; and

Appointed Lawrence Kenna to serve on the Industrial Development Authority Develop-ment Board, replacing Bob Mansell who is now on city council.

The next meeing is scheduled for Jan. 9, 2001.

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