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Mon, Feb. 24

Recall Election Set For May

One of the two resolutions the City Council approved at the meeting held December 18 outlined the dates and regulations for the upcoming recall election.

The special election for the recall was set for May 21, 2002. At that time, all six council members and the mayor will be up for recall. The general election will also be held the same day.

The Winslow City Hall will serve as the polling place with polls open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In order to vote in the recall election, citizens must be registered to vote in Navajo County by midnight at April 22, 2002.

People wishing to run against a council member or the mayor must file nomination petitions before March 22, 2002 by 5 p.m. at the City Hall.

Nomination packets can be picked up from City Clerk Linda Sampson, beginning February 20.

If an opponent is not specified for a council member or the mayor, then that person will be taken off the recall ballot.

If an opponent beats a standing council member or the mayor in the recall election, they will take over and complete that person’s term.

If opponents of Mayor Jim Boles or Council members Harold Soehner, Robert Beamish or Dee Rodriguez win the recall election, they will serve for the seven days between the end of their term and the installation of the new mayor and council members.

If the opponents of Council members Bob Mansell, Robin Boyd or Tom McCauley win the recall election, they will serve the remainder of their terms, which is about two years.

The council also approved a resolution that certifies that the Housing Department has complied with all requirements set by the Public Housing Authority.

The department was required to do an annual update of their five-year plan. The adopted resolution verifies that the department followed all guidelines in revising that plan.

The council took the following action on consent calendar items:

• Approved the check register.

• Approved purchasing chlorine tablets for the city’s water system for $4,600.

• Approved a payment of $9,600 to Eagle Mountain Construction for the landfill closure project.

• Approved the installation of two electric door openers at the fleet maintenance yard for $2,000.

• Approved reimbursing $4,600 to the HURF and Sanitation funds to cover the cost for the Christmas Parade.

• Approved purchasing Personal Alarm Safety Systems (PASS) devices for the fire department. The PASS device is worn by fire personnel as they enter hazardous situations.

If that person become injured, lost or unconscious and stops moving, a motion detector begins to make a very high pitched beep that will direct other personnel to where their location.

The beeping begins 30 seconds after the motion detectors stops sensing motion.

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