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Tue, Sept. 22

<center>Letters to the Editor</center>

Thanks to voters


“Ahe’hee” to all the voters who voted during the Navajo Nation General Election which was held on September 5, 2000.

A congratulation to the in-coming Chapter Officials and school board members for the community of To’Nanees’Dizi Chapter as well as across the Navajo Nation.

A job well done to the ones who did not get elected or were not re-elected. I verbally indicated to the community of To’Nanees’Dizi that we all need to get involved and start attending our monthly chapter meetings which will thereby bring about positive things for the entire community members, so come to these meetings.

I am planning an Appreciation Dinner possibly scheduled for September 23, 2000, at a place to be designated and posters will be posted providing more information on this event.

I also want to thank all of you that voted for me.

Leo Begay

Tuba City

CFV will damage economic stability


As a former Flagstaff City Councilman, I’ve spent years working to maintain Northern Arizona’s economic stability and quality of life.

That’s why I’m so concerned about the Canyon Forest Village project, and why I encourage you to vote “NO” on Proposition 400 in the November 7th election.

Canyon Forest Village is a large commercial development, and nothing more. It would take 272 acres of open space just outside Grand Canyon National Park and turn it into more than 1,000 motel rooms, 250,000 square feet of retail space and nearly 2,000 apartments.

In essence, it will be an out-of-town developer building a new city at the most convenient location possible to collect tourism dollars. And scamming you into believing they are doing this to “preserve” the Grand Canyon for the future.

Canyon Forest Village will negatively impact outlying communities, such as Flagstaff, by increasing traffic congestion, filling up our landfill with their trash, and taking money out of the hands of locally owned small businesses. It is wrong for our government agencies to allow these out-of-towners to create these negative impacts without contributing anything to mitigate them.

The people, and businesses, of Flagstaff, Williams, Page, Cameron and other gateway communities have a lot at stake. I hope you will vote on November 7th to protect the people and businesses of Northern Arizona. Please join me in voting “NO” on proposition 400.

Rick Lopez

Chairman, It’s Just Too Much! NO on Prop. 400

Argument "against" Proposition 203


On behalf of more than 30,000 dedicated public school employees I strongly urge all voters to vote "no" on Proposition 203. Students who are learning English as a second language have the fundamental right to the most appropriate and suitable method for learning English in school; this proposition eliminates that right.All students deserve an education that culminates in their fluency in English and their mastery of academic content. For students learning English, a foundation in literacy and academic concepts in their native language provides them equal footing as they move through a program of language acquisition. Denying students this opportunity relegates them to a second tier of achievement as they fall behind in their content studies while struggling with a foreign language.

Parents, not state government, should make decisions regarding their child's education. This proposition tells parents who want the opportunity of a bilingual education that the bureaucracy knows better - they can not make that choice.Such a limitation of choice and prospect must be considered a violation of civil rights as one class of citizens finds a door to opportunity slammed in their faces.

Furthermore, teachers could find themselves threatened by the law for using their professional judgment.If a teacher determined that a student did not understand a concept explained inEnglish, this proposition would legally prohibit her from teaching that concept in the child's native language.State government has no business intruding into professional decisions made in the classroom.

In short, Proposition 203 threatens teachers who would make educational decisions in the best interest of their students, revokes parental rights of choice regarding their child's education, and punishes children whose first language is not English by denying them educational opportunities.Please vote "no".

Penny Kotterman

President, Arizona Education Association


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